Thursday, 17 June 2010

In the beginning

I have a new sewing machine and I'm a happy girl! Actually, I had it for 2 weeks now, but only now decided to start this blog. I'm hoping to keep a track on my sewing journey, from stitching a straight line to successfully do whatever designs are in my head. I decided to start it as a record for myself, but if any of you finds pleasure in reading it, you are more than welcome.

It really started with me trying to find on the world wide web, outfits to use in my photography. Sometimes I find something close but most of the times it is a frustrating search. So, I thought to myself: If I get a sewing machine and learn how to sew, I can make wearable (and probably non-wearable) crazy outfits for my shoots.

My pretty boyfriend dropped on me he was going to give me the sewing machine on my birthday, yayyyy!!! My birthday is actually this Sunday but I did get the machine early :) I am sooo excited with it that I'm actually going to learn properly. Within two weeks I did 2 basic aprons. The first one was very dodgy and it was really difficult for me to press the edges. The second one turned out better but it is now in John, our house bear.

As the section to the left says, this blog is for all things sewing/ crafting. Let's see where it takes me.

Stay tuned!

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