Thursday, 11 November 2010

A new Sew-Along

So Gertie announced a new Sew-Along, this time aimed at beginners using the Colette Crepe wrap dress pattern. When I initially read about it I decided not to take part for a number of different reasons:
a) The dress is very cute but I'm not mad about it.
b) I really do not wear dresses that often. 
c) For the times I want to wear a dress I usually end up being cold. Having grown up in a place where summer is equivalent to 30 Celsius plus, the average British summer of 20 to 25 Celsius doesn't feel hot  enough. (I know there where some very hot days this year). 
d) I also thought that having done the Lady Grey, which is more advanced, a beginner sew along would be silly. Very stupid thought, I know, but I did have it for a few minutes.

However, and coming to the point of this post, I have changed my mind and decided to join the sew along because I'm really a beginner and could use with constructing a more simple garment with the right techniques and support from start. I've done a couple of dresses already but even though they are totally wearable they're not exactly perfect.

So my next step was to fret about the fabric. I decided to use a existing stash fabric but changed my mind after as I  have it saved for a very specific project. I decided against cotton lawn as I want to be able to use the dress in spring with some tights, however I'm undecided on two fabrics. I actually spent most of last evening thinking this out and took ages to fall asleep.

I ordered the pattern from Sewbox who also has some gorgeous cotton lawn available, if you inclined that way. 


  1. I was in two minds about this too, as I'm not really happy showing quite so much (i.e., any) upper arm. The neckline swung it for me, though - it's so pretty, isn't it? I look forward to sewing along with you again! xx

  2. The neckline is very cute, yes. Have you thought about what fabric to use?

  3. I've not thought that far - how about you?

  4. Still undecided! I don't fancy any of the cotton lawn I've seen so might get a medium weight regular cotton. There's a few I like but unsure if they are suitable as they tend to be advertised for quilters. Might get a few samples in. The choice winning (so far) is a zebra pattern cotton with contrasting red belt ties. In my head it would be a killer with my red shoes :)

  5. I love your ramblings! the dress is very pretty, I think it's a good decision to do it.

  6. I LOVE the Zebra and red combination - you should deffo do this. The zebra will add a funky edge to what is otherwise a pretty-pretty dress - good call!

  7. Hi,I'm glad there's some other UK Crepe-a-longers! Zebra sounds fab - I'm looking at a Japanese fabric with red spots, and odd leopards dotted about - sounds weird but think it will work. BTW, where are you from originally - definitely not UK!

  8. Hi Gaylene! I'm Portuguese. I was born in Germany and lived there part of my childhood before moving to Portugal. Moved to UK about 7 years ago.



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