Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Clover Sewalong and other things...

Colette Patterns are having a sew along!! Woohoo, no way would I miss this! I love sew alongs, I love Colette Patterns and I love the crazy, unpractical and risky fabric I chose for the gorgeous Clover trousers.
I know, I know!!! This wasn't in my sewing list. Things changed (ha! What a surprise!).
I have decided not to do the coat. To be honest I was very indecisive on it and after the few near mishaps with my Beignet Skirt, I decided I need to take it even slower. That means not embarking on a hugely challenging tailoring project. I'm still working on my Bombshell dress and I'm loving how it's turning out. Those of you who follow me on twitter will have seen a sneak preview. If not, don't worry, I'm planning a post around it. I want to make sure I finish by the end of the month when a Bombshell cocktail party will take place. It will be awesome and I can't wait.
I realised I wouldn't have any decent coat to take to this party. It will probably be cold, although nowadays you can't trust the weather. I decided to do a quick and easy cape with some wool blend I bought in Hungary. I'm underlining it with fleece for ultra warmness. We'll see how that turns out!
After all that I will embark on another challenging project. My beloved winter wool dress. Mostly challenging because of the amount of buttons and the fact I cannot screw the expensive fabric up. I'm in dilemmas over how to wash it now. And that's all for now!


  1. Can I ask, where did you find your fabric for your clovers? I'm having terrible trouble finding anything decent in the UK!

  2. Catherine, I found my fabric on ebay but I'm going against the recommended items and using a velour fabric. I know Ditto Fabrics have some wool blends with stretch and John Lewis also has a small selection on woollens with stretch. Good luck!



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