Thursday, 16 February 2012

What's next and life goes on

Let me start by saying thank you so much to everyone for the outpour of support I received, following my announcement last Saturday. I was close to tears when I realised my announcement post held as many views in two days as some of my most popular posts. Your comments and emails really brighten up my day and gave my plans a different and awesome perspective. Thank you, thank you so much everyone!
I am now just finalising the last details on the pattern so I can finally make it available for testers. Every time I come to the conclusion it's ready to go, I find something else that needs adding/doing/improving. It will be ready at the weekend, so for those of you who have offered to test, an email with information will be sent out early next week. Once the email goes out with all the info, you can then make a decision, whether you want to test or not. Do remember that once I am more certain size charts and grading were done correctly, this pattern will be made available for free. I'm aiming for a official launch with a new website at beginning of April.
In the meantime, life goes on. I am still sewing and knitting here and there. I'm currently working on the Minoru Jacket  and about to start Susan Khalje The Couture Dress from Craftsy. I'm hoping that techniques learned here will help me construct my wedding dress. Gertie has also announced a new class which I strongly suspect I will buy in the very imminent future. Not sure when I'll be taking it though.

What are you working on at the moment? And have you fell for any of Craftsy fantastic classes?

And not forgetting today is knitting day, I'll leave you with a couple of scans from Vogue Knitting from late 1955.


  1. This is so exciting! I'm thrilled to follow your journey.

  2. Yes, very exciting! I am sure you will have this in the email, but is there a deadline/timeline for your pattern testers to complete the pattern and report feedback?

    1. Hi Annabelle! Looking at about one month, probably till 23rd March. That will give me a week to compile feedback and make changes (if needed and if not too drastic).

  3. I'm fairly new to watching your blog closely, so it's great to know there'll be another independent pattern-er on the way! I'm a huge Crafsty fan... I signed up for Kenneth's Jean-ius course just yesterday. And I haven't even started watching the couture dress yet!

  4. OH, how did I miss your big announcement? Congratulations! That is super exciting news. Looking forward to following along in your journey!

  5. Amazing Suzy! I can only imagine how all consuming this must be. Very excited to see more....



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