Tuesday, 22 January 2013

This week...

...I have been busy with different things! Still I managed to finish basting my couture dress (hurrah!) but lack of light and an unfashionable Sunday face/hair prevented photo taking. I also managed to advance with my knitting (even after having to unknit).
But I have a few unrelated to sewing deadlines which I procrastinated and left till last minute. I have also been busy doodling. I am not the best at drawing but keen to develop and practice. I'm doing a Fashion Design City & Guilds and it's definitely helping me.
Unrelated to sewing, all my recent low mood has made me think a lot about what I want. I think it's important to re-evaluate what is important and what makes one happy but boy, it is hard work and unsettling!!
Have you ever had a time in your life when you want to radically change something? How did you deal with it?


  1. Looks like you're a busy bee.
    I'm constantly questioning myself if I'm happy enough with what I'm doing and/or if I should change something.
    I have made some radical decisions before that were somewhat life changing and uncertain. Like moving to the UK, not going into the industry I studied to work in, working for myself.... All those decisions resulted in some kind if struggle, which was OK as I was already struggling with whatever place I was in before but once I had fought my way through, it was always worth it in the end.
    So if you really want to change something, be prepared that it might be hard and seem wrong sometimes but if you want it badly enough you will figure it out and get there and end up in a much better place. Whatever you want to do and whatever you end up doing...good luck Suzy!!!

  2. Well I, for one, am impressed with your drawings, I can't draw for love nor money. The C&G sounds interesting, how long is the course for and what does it cover?

    I constantly hit times when I get really unhappy with things, the worse was probably the end of last year which is why I sat down to figure out what I could do to make myself happier. Pushing forward on the blog was a big part of that, if only to give me a push towards making things and offer a creative outlet, hence the ridiculous planning rush I had on New Year's Day that resulted in almost a years worth of posts organised. The one good thing about deciding to change something is how invigorating the excitement can be when you realise how much of a difference it can make, no?

  3. I agree, it is hard work and unsettling! I've been practicing a certain kind of meditation for a couple years now and that does help me feel centered and more at peace with my decisions, but it's still a leap of faith making those big changes.

  4. Hi Suzy, I can relate to your feelings. Perhaps radical change isn't the best idea, though? In my experience I don't think radical change works very well. Answer I've found often lies in just accepting that you can't do everything. Doing less and getting it done also often gives you an easier sense of achievment which I think is very important. It sounds like you're like me and pull yourself in too many directions? Mikey

  5. Oh I think those drawings look great - I'll never be able to draw like that!

    Well, the only radical change I made was changing my career - it took me about 3 years to actually bite the bullet and do something about it though! Sometimes you just have to jump in with both feet!

  6. This couture dress is going to be rad when finished!!! And the sketches are looking great- what a fab class!
    A number of years back I had a blergh period and needed a fresh start. So I left my job, moved interstate, condensed my life down to ten moving boxes and started again. It was simultaneously terrifying and freeing :) I hope you find your groove again soon!

  7. I am.a rubbish drawer, although it doesn't stop me scribbling ideas down. Yes, now l am on mat leave l want to try to work locally or ideally for myself, from home, to spend more time with my daughter. I think the way to approach these things is to plan, consider all impacts and be honest about feasibility. Also, don't let barriers put you off, tackle them one at a time x

  8. Hi Suzy, I just went through such a phase triggered mostly by a family emergency. I realized that it is important to focus and separate from anything that stands in the way or distracts.

    share more doodles - they are cute :)

  9. You're not alone Suzy! I've been going through a similar 'crisis' as I'm not happy in my job and I desperately want to move in a new direction. It's so hard though as I'm not 100% sure what the new direction should be and how to achieve it...so I end up feeling drained from work and trapped too! I think I need to see a life coach ;o) Good luck to you, I hope you find what makes you happy soon!xx



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