Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Lining a dress=FAIL

Following on yesterdays rather disastrous attempt at lining a section of the dress I started (first one on my project list on last post) I had to change project plans. I think it was too ambitious of me to try to jump at lining a dress in my second ever sewing project. The first dress I made was suppose to have lining but I purposefully ignored it. This time I didn't ignore it and it went all wrong. I'm a bit annoyed at myself for not getting it but after some thinking maybe it isn't the right time. I will probably be better off focusing on basic construction and non lined items. When I'm comfortable with these, I'll look at adding lining.

So I'm skipping the two dresses from Sew Magazine and will start the culottes form Sew Hip. I will after attempt the undergarments and corset.

Any thoughts tips and hints on lining? Am I missing a trick?

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