Saturday, 3 July 2010

Slow times

It has been slow! I spent a week in bed with a nasty chest infection and couldn't do much. I had the pattern for my next project at hands close but was very poorly and couldn't do anything. I'm much better and almost completely recovered now but have a weekend ahead of photoshoots (photography is my other hobby). Slowly but steadily I will eventually do my next project.
I'm making (or attempting to make) another dress. This time the one on the cover of issue 13 Sew magazine. I'm using remains of black fabric I have lying around and will do this dress with lining. The fabric is a bit on the heavy side but we'll see how it goes. Quite excited to start cutting and constructing and also see how I get along with lining. I mustn't be too hard on myself, after all it's my 2nd garment.

In the meantime I placed a huge order on Abakhan. Lots of fabric for future projects and some for my own designs; although these will have to wait until I'm comfortable enough with "Mary Jane" (my sewing machine ;). I also ordered a couple of books on period sewing/ patterns. I have a huge interest on period pieces and very keen to learn how to make these garments. Hopefully these books will help. I will let you know!

Lastly, I'm trying to get a tailors dummy but because I'm a size 6/8 - petite, it's very, very difficult to find anything on the cheap side. If you have any and want to get rid of it or if you know where I can get some cheap(ish), please let me know!

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