Monday, 25 April 2011

RTW Tailoring Sew Along - Bound Buttonholes

Following my buttonhole nightmare with Vogue 8604 I decide to learn how to do bound buttonholes and use them for my jacket.  I followed Tasia from Sewaholic tutorial and was pleasantly surprised to find out how easy they were. Sherry and Gertie also have brilliant tutorials. In fact it is dead easy when you doing isolated bound buttonholes, but when you need to do five, perfectly lined up the story is completely different.
I thought I had marked the placement lines carefully:
But somehow along the line, I ended up with two different buttonholes, so wonky that the only way to cover would be to get huge buttons. I was frustrated and only managed a lousy photo on my phone to share with my twitter followers.
CarmencitaB came to my rescue (as she always does, thank you!) and shared this link (from a blog that I now follow), which shows more complex bound buttonhole marking techniques. I didn't follow it by the letter but took what I needed which was mark, mark, mark!! I can only hope all those markings will disappear easily. I also basted all buttonhole lips before I started poking holes, to make sure they all aligned.
And the results were much better!
I have attached the outer jacket shell (minus sleeves) and inserted the fake flap pockets. Sherry shared a tutorial for jet pockets and I was determined to try them. But I confess, poking more holes in this jacket made me nervous so I stuck with the fake ones!


  1. I'd love to have a go at these button holes at some point in my sewing career. They look fabulous. Well done!

  2. Very nice they look great! your jacket is looking really good too!

  3. Great job! I'll go to check the tutorials I have seen Gertie's and Tasia's , I have aproject with those buttons but I have read and read the tutorial but I haven't practiced them.
    I hope when I do them I have not so much trouble

  4. Honey - I hear you. I did 2 bound button holes for the Lady Gray sew along and it filled me with so much anxiety! Your jacket is looking fantastic.

  5. Gorgeous! They look fantastic. I've only done the random isolated one. I'm excited to see your finished jacket.

  6. Awesome! I am so glad you add enough fabric to start over! And I love the topstitching action!

  7. Thank you very much!

    K.Line: I chickened out doing this on my Lady Grey and because it's pretty much a tie on coat I din't mind ignoring it.



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