Sunday, 24 April 2011

Vintage Knitting Gorgeousness - A book review

Now this is why I took on knitting and I'm not giving up!

These are just some of the knitting patterns on the gorgeous book "A Stitch in Time - Vintage Knitting and Crochet Patterns 1920-1949: Volume 1" . Aren't these gorgeous? The book consists of knitting patterns adapted to the modern knitter (current yarns, techniques, etc) but it also includes the original pattern with gorgeous vintage images.
I love sewing but I also love knitwear, and one of my biggest frustrations is not finding any knitwear in shops that I truly like. I dabbled before but it was this book that made me decide to take on knitting and persevering with it. I am already preparing to start one lovely cardigan from this book with a easy stitch pattern. I think many of these will be an awesome addition to my self made wardrobe, don't you think?
Volume 2 is coming out soon and I already pre-ordered!

All images are copyrighted to Arbour House Publishing.


  1. ack! so lovely!!! I need to learn to knit!!!

  2. This is throwing me over the edge! I may have to buy it even though I can't yet knit! Just posted about this on my blog...

  3. Oh my, what beautiful knitwear. I really wish I could knit, but alas, I'm rubbish at it! x

  4. Isn't this a lovely book? Like you I can't wait to see the next volume. xx

  5. Gah! Such amazing designs! How I love them! My Knitting Queens would love to work on this. Doesn't Fleur (the dark haired model) look gorgeous? Check out her blog:

  6. Happy knitting! I don't have book one but have signed up for book two. Too many patterns and too little time! I look forward to seeing your knitting!

  7. Sarah http://huggiedoeshomespun.wordpress.com30 October 2011 at 12:35

    Just working on the jumper featured on the cover as we speak!!! Cannot wait till book 2 arrives



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