Friday, 9 September 2011

One Autumn, Four Garments

In a nutshell that's my plan for sewing this Autumn. I don't like having a sewing plan as I hate feeling restricted but a lot of stuff is happening between now and January. I'm doing a pattern making course in October and it will run for 10 Saturdays. Technical drawings and maths are not a natural flair of mine so some studying and practicing will be necessary. I have a secret project on the pipeline and on that I can't say much. Exciting stuff but still very undeveloped so don't worry, you're not missing much at this point. And knitting, yes! I want to actually finish a knitted garment this Autumn.
In order for me to do all these things and actually pursue my dreams instead of just dreaming them I need to be clear what to do and when. I am focusing on winter garments that I can wear in colder months.

1) Colette Pattern Beignet Skirt is already in the making. Fabric is cut and all I need to do now is sew. I am using a navy drill which will see much use in winter with some nice warm tights. I just hope I don't chicken up in the buttonhole phase.

2) Wool Flannel Vintage Dress. One of the bigger projects as I will be working with a fabric new to me which cost some money and I don't want to screw up. It also has lots of buttonholes. You have seen the pattern envelope but here it is again. It's so pretty!
3) Winter Coat: I was very indecisive about making a coat or not. I want to be sure I finish in time to use during the colder months. I was also divided between a vintage inspired coat and this one I found on a Brazilian pattern magazine called Manequim. Ended up going with this one as the other pattern works best with a waterproof fabric. This will be a big project too, as I will have a go at pad stitching and all other tailoring elements I avoided during Lady Grey.
4) Another go at knits with version C of Vogue 8685. I have a relatively cheap knit fabric I will use to do this.
I must also add that in the making but not on the list is The Perfect Fit Bombshell Dress from Craftsy online course. It is taught by the wonderful Gertie so I simply can't wait. Actually I might be able to wear in end of October if a awesome event is put together. Fingers crossed, it would be awesome!

So I have 4 months for all of these, do you think I can hack it?


  1. I'm sure you can.... Love the simplicity pattern...

  2. What a fab list of things to sew, I like the look of all of them. I made my Beignet in navy drill too and have worn it to death! The one I'm most looking forward to seeing though is the wool flannel vintage dress, it looks gorgeous. Best of luck. x

  3. That looks like an amazing list of items to make. I have a creeping temptation to attempt a coat at some point. I really hope we get to meet in October in our bombshell dresses!

  4. I'm sure you will... That's a fabulous list of things to work on. I too, am making the beignet skirt and wanting to do it in Navy. Tossing up between drill and gabardine. Can't wait to see your vintage dress, it looks so nice. Good luck :)

  5. Oh, I love that coat pattern! It's actually almost identical to the RTW black wool coat I wear in the winter. Hmm... so tempting to try and make it myself, as I love my coat but hate that it's black (cat hair is a real issue in my world! Would do better with camel or grey.) can't wait to see what you end up with!

  6. I'm sure you can, and - as per usual - everything's going to look fabulous. I can't wait to see it all. And if it helps I can do a little cheerleading dance from Wales, I'm sure I can rustle up some pom poms from somewhere ;)

  7. I like that coat a lot!! do you have the magazine? I visited the web site expecting to find the pattern of that coat but it is not there, I really would like to see it finished and of course the process of the tailoring.
    I'm sure you will do all them, and that vintage pattern, just can say I LOVE IT!!!

  8. I love your Autumn sewing plans, especially the coat and I love the dress. I'm sure you'll manage it no problem. Can't wait to see them :)



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