Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The problem was still in the fabric...

Thank you all for your lovely entries regarding mistakes one can made whilst cutting pattern pieces. I am pleased to say the winner of this little game who will get a yet undecided small prize is Esz from Kitty's Drawings. Here's what she said:
"Is it because it's princess cut you've mixed up the grain in the pieces so some go one way and the others got the other? And due to the nature of the pattern, it wont work out neatly.
That's all I can think of if it's not forgetting to flip the pattern or turn the fabric right/wrong way..."

Now technically her guess is not correct either but she was the first to mention fabric right/wrong so I have decided to award her the prize. If anyone else feels disgruntled with this please drop me an email.
Can you spot it now? Flipping, or not flipping, the pieces is a classic and it's not that far off but I have actually made that mistake very early in my sewing journey, when I tried to make a corset so I did remember and made sure I flipped the pieces. This fabric is very wide and as I flipped the pieces I also kept adjusting the fabric on my table, to make it easier to cut, flipping it around. Duhhh!! I ended up with correctly cut pieces with the wrong side of fabric in right side in some. Because this is a drill, you can clearly see the different in weave and shine. If both sides where the same I could just flip them around but the one on the left is cut correctly with wrong side marked but the one on the right is the opposite. Lesson learned!!

Esz: I just discovered your gorgeous blog, send me your address so I can post a little present for you. Email is suzysewingblog[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk


  1. Oh dear, that's pretty upsetting! If it's not salvageable, I hope you find something else to make a lovely Beignet. (Disclosure: I've messed up cutting napped fabric before and now I'm pretty attentive to the direction and right/wrong sides of fabric... not that makes you feel any better now, but I bet you'll never make a mistake like this one again at least!)

  2. Oh yay thanks so much! Teehee I didn't think I'd be closest :-)
    I'll send you my address when I get into work :-D

  3. Thanks for sharing so we all learn from it.

  4. Sweet jane: I did have enough fabric to cut the pieces so salvageable. And you're absolutely right. You learn best when you make a mistake.

    Esz: Looking forward to send it. I have something in mind already. You can also dm in twitter if that easier. @suzysewingblog



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