Saturday, 3 March 2012

Suzy Patterns: The Antoinette I (a sneak preview)

There is a lot of work going on regarding Suzy Patterns. I have a lovely group of talented seamstresses/ sewists/ sewers (did you read the latest discussion on what we should be called?) making up my first pattern as we speak. This is terribly exciting and also slightly nerve wrecking. Whilst I gather feedback on the pattern and its sizing I am busy sorting out Suzy Patterns webpage, the front and back pattern envelope and the instructions. At the same time, I am also researching other potential pattern graders and also commercial large format printers for future releases. I'm getting there, but when you don't know where to even start looking it's hard going (you know when you move house/ city, know no one and have to get a plumber? You can google one but you don't know what you'll be getting).
Because the official release date is a month away I wanted to give you a little sneak preview of the pattern. In this case Antoinette I, the first sample:
Antoinette I was my first sample. When the time came to sew this, I had two meters of unbleached calico on my table, ready to cut and sew but I felt quite uninspired by it. I trawled trough my fabric stash to find    just the right amount of a very floral curtain fabric I bought for cheap at a local charity shop. I knew I wouldn't use it for anything else so decided to sew Antoinette with it. And I do love the result, even though it's quite floral (all I need now is an invitation for a tradition countryside English wedding and a hat :).
This pattern was heavily influenced by my love for period fashions like the one below, from the book "59 Authentic Turn-of-the-Century Fashion Patterns" by Kristina Harris.
High necklines and lace might have their place but sometimes you might want something more day to day wearable. So, I decided to sew a 2nd sample with slight pattern alterations including lowering of the neckline plus no lace. But for Antoinette II, you'll have to wait a bit more!
Via Pinterest
But now tell me? Do you love period fashions as much as I do? And what do you think about high necklines?


  1. Great to see where you're drawing your inspiration from. That is such a teasey shot! Good luck with all your busy-ness

  2. I like period fashions - esp. when styled in a very modern way. As you and I have discussed, the high neckline (per Edwardian and Victorian era fashions) are often not flattering ones on women with short waists and full busts. But there are many elements of this time frame that I love - lace, corsets!

  3. I like high necklines- I have been known to wear them all winter long ;)
    It looks beautiful so far!

  4. I love the sneak peek! I personally have trouble wearing anything with a high neckline due to being short waisted and having a large bust, but I do like the style on other women.

  5. Another vote against high necklines here, for similar large bust/shortwaisted reasons. But it looks really really pretty :)

  6. I do love a high neckline! I think it can be really flattering when it's cut up by different fabrics such as you did--with lace and fabric! oohhh..can't wait for the pattern!

  7. Oooh pretty! I love the Victorian styles, I can't wait to see the entire thing!



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