Sunday, 11 March 2012

Suzy Patterns: The Antoinette II (another sneak preview)

Hello everyone! Things are still quite busy here at Suzy Patterns base, but as promised on my previous post here is a sneak preview of the Antoinette II. Same pattern but a much different look with just a slight pattern alteration and a different fabric.
This version of Antoinette should really be called the Tilly dress. Firstly, the gorgeous bow belt you can see is not part of the pattern nor a creation of my own. It is the most famous bow belt by Tilly and the Buttons. It is such an adorable and quick accessory to do. Head over here to learn how to make your own.
Secondly, the pretty gingham was part of my loot from the fabric swap at the Brighton Me-Made June 2011 meet up and it came from Tilly's stash.

Tilly, I hope you like what I made with it!


  1. I love that combo! Very nice pleats at the waist...

  2. Oh, it's lovely! I like the button detail at the top. Can't wait to see the whole thing. :)

  3. Ooh I do! Very pretty. So glad I gave you that fabric - it really has been put to very special use. Hope everything is going well. I'm sooooo excited for you! xxx

  4. oohhh...dying to see more :)

  5. The whole thing just knocks my socks off every time I see a glimpse of it - so so impressed and excited for you!

  6. Oh, this is looking good! Can't wait to see the whole thing!



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