Monday, 7 May 2012

Me-Made May 12: Week One

Me-Made May 12 has begun! I knew from the start that the first week would be my most difficult and it certainly was.  You might recall this is my first Me Made/ Self Stitch challenge and I decided to combine it with a photography one. The problem with the first week is that I spent it in Portugal on holidays, and planning me made wardrobes plus photography challenges when you rushing around sightseeing or visiting family is not easy.
First day was a semi fail. I wore my Leopard Antoinette Dress but F took the photo. I spent the day in Evora visiting my brother and spending time with my 2 nieces and nephew. Busy, busy!
Second day was easy as the theme was "What you wore today". I wore my Love Fabric Skirt. Admittedly, the photo could be better but after the journey up north to visit my brother, F managed to trigger his allergies and we were mostly house bound.
Day 3 was clouds day and I was in luck. There are times in the Algarve when you cannot spot a cloud in the sky. F took this photo, whilst we were enjoying some sun in the terrace. I'm wearing my Navy Beignet. It was also the only photo not taken with a point and shoot. 
Then things got bad. Day 4 was "Something green"and I had a wicked idea for it. Instead I woke up with a sore throat, body aches and fever and literally stayed in bed all day. Funny enough my pyjamas were green (though not me made).
Day 5 was to forget and I suppose I could have dragged myself out of bed for a photo but I couldn't. 
Day 6 and the sore throat and body aches are gone (snotty nose remains) and I'm back in UK. Wearing My Lady Grey and very tired.
I really look forward to take decent photos of my challenge, feeling better, getting back to sewing and pattern drafting.


  1. Despite life, illness and all you've got some fab pics and outfits, and within your themes. Love the clouds pic! Hope you feel better soon

  2. Don't be so harsh on yourself, your photos are great...especially your clouds one ;o) You've made me all excited about my trip to Portugal now...even though I do have a couple of months to go still!

  3. I hope you feel better soon! I'd say you did a good job sticking to me-mades, considering you were traveling AND sick!

  4. I love the skirt! What a wonderful job. All your outfits are beautiful! I hope you are feeling better today.

  5. I hope you're feeling better again. Being ill on holiday is rubbish. I missed a few days on the challenge too. Painting house (whilst ill too btw) and nice dresses don't work. Moving on....
    Looking forward to seeing more pictures. I love the fact you ate combining MMM with a photo challenge.

  6. get better hun.. the sky in portugal so lovely.. i miss the sun !

  7. The best laid plans and all that Suzy!

    You've made some beautiful stuff! I'll be in MMM2013... I don't have enough for this year!

    Read and loved your guest post too, nice one!!



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