Monday, 14 May 2012

Me-Made May: Week 2

Week 2 of Me-Made May has been successful outfit wise but I did fail to do the photography challenge and indeed to take photos at the weekend. Boohoo!!
Day 7 brought us fruit (which I should eat more of). Eating grapes with my Colette Violet muslin. This is a recent make and not blogged about. I used fabric remnants and some not very good interfacing. I'll blog about this when I do a version with a proper fabric.
Day 8 theme was a bad habit! Well, I confess I have bad eating habits! I eat particularly bad during the week. In this case here I am shoving nachos with cheese down my throat on my very comfy Lounge Trousers. And you're welcome to tell me off for not eating properly, I deserve it!
Day 9 was about someone you love. I convinced my F to take a photo with me. Wearing my Leopard Antoinette (which was a success at work)!
Day 10 and the theme was Childhood Memory! Every time I go to Portugal I have fun digging through boxes of old stuff looking for things that will bring me a joyful memory. I was ecstatic to find (and remember) a book called "Helena Makes Dresses". OMG...that is me (but I'm called Suzy). Below, the cutting of the fabric and me wearing my Burda 7441 Trousers.
Day 11(and the last documented) was to be something blue!! I sort of cheated and wore my Navy Beignet! Enjoying some late evening sun in the garden.
The weekend was glorious but way, way to busy and I suffered from on and off migraines! I did not fulfil my photography challenge but I did wear me-made items! On Saturday I briefly wore my Leopard Minoru and on Sunday I wore my Renfrew muslin to do some gardening!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!


  1. Love your Me-Made recap! And what a cool children's book!!!

  2. Helena makes dresses is a cool book! Much better than anything I remember. Nice photos!

  3. Loving your photos Suzy & that Violet looks cute...
    The recurring leopard print is a joy to behold! :-)

  4. Well done you! I'm so impressed at everyone participating in Me Made May!

    I know you left a comment a wee while ago saying you'd like to meet up when I'm in Europe? I won't have too much spare time in London but will have HEAPS of time in Paris while David is at his conference. Let me know if you're still interested :)




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