Monday, 18 June 2012

Accepting delays

How good are you at setting timeframes and deadlines? Are you one to plan carefully and realistically, bearing in mind foreseen and unforeseen obstacles or do you just wing it and go with the flow?
I confess I am more of the latter, which I must aceppt now, it a real problem in certain areas. Even though I feel frustrated that something hasn't moved along as I wanted, I find accepting it quite liberating. It means now I can re-think and re-plan.
I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible for me to release my summer pattern in August. So what has caused delays and what is in the way?
 - I’m getting married in about a months time (OMG!) and even with a very small number of guests there is SO much to organise (unbelievable!!)
 - I work full time in a target driven environment with deadlines looming frequently. I do end up doing extra hours in evenings and are often exaustead by the weekend.
 - I "suddenly" discovered I love gardening and have spent some time outdoors. First spring with a garden, you see!

When I get excited with something I want to do it now; here and then. I am extremely impatient! And that often means I‘m overly confident in doing it quickly. When obstacles arise and I can’t progress I get demotivated. Silly isnt’ it?

I am super motivated to take Suzy Patterns forward, but I rather compromise timings than quality. I am making great progress tackling grading issues and quite positive these will be gone with my next pattern. But to make sure I need more time. A few hours with excel and I feel I’m on track.

The next Suzy Pattern will be for a Autumn/Winter design with a tentative late release early to mid November. I’ll keep you posted on progress!

Thank you for your understanding!


  1. I totally understand where you are coming from Suzy! Full time work and other interests (it's hard to believe we stitchers have other interests eh!?!) often leave me too tired to sew and to plan ahead. So take your time and only do things when and if you feel up to it! We'll still be here waiting patiently as Marina above says ;o) And good luck with the wedding planning...I can't believe it's so close!!!

  2. I am definitely a go-with-the-flow person, esp. when it comes to things I choose to do instead of things I have to do. Take your time and make it great! :)

  3. Given your current workload and the imminent wedding I'm glad to hear you're putting it back, the last thing you need is to completely stress yourself into illness! Take your time lovely lady, we'll all still be here x

  4. More important you dont drain yourself x

  5. Weddings too are notoriously all-consuming - no wonder your time is being pulled away from your original plan!Sounds to me like you are a creative enthusiastic person who likes being busy & loves doing all sorts - I kind of recognise it - but it is important to schedule enough down time & maybe that's what the gardening's giving you.

  6. I always think I can do things quicker than I can in reality. It's too bad I don't have elves to help! And congrats on your wedding. I hope your day is fabulous!



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