Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Violet & Clover

A few days after publishing my last post I hit a serious stumbling block with my new pattern design. It is easily fixed but fixing it means losing some of the main characteristics of the design...which is very annoying! Understandably so (I hope), I felt unmotivated and a tad down. I decided on a mini break from pattern drafting. I lounged around doing nothing for many evenings, which felt good, and with the big weekend approaching I decided to sew for myself. I give you slightly fuzzy photos from Violet and Clover, as worn today.
I missed a buttonhole...duh!!
It was the 3rd go at the Clover trousers. I fiddled further to improve fit of the pattern but not sure it paid off well. I was looking at my Maroon Clovers for alterations but this fabric behaved very differently. It's a lovely soft and comfortable stretch cotton drill (I think) I bought in Portugal.
The Violet blouse is part of my "plan" to sew more blouses and shirts. I used a lovely soft and lightweight fabric of unknown content I bought very cheaply at the Walthamstow meet up. Sleeve insertion had its dramas as did buttonhole making. General speaking though, it was an easy make. I though I wouldn't like the boxiness of the blouse but actually I quite like it. The only issue I'm having with this pattern is the collar. It doesn't seem to lay properly and even though I fiddled with it a lot, I haven't managed to be completely happy with it. Anyone else with collar issues?
I'm still working along to my Couture Dress (slow is better for that type of projects) and will probably sew a couple of jersey tops using Sewaholic Renfrew. And yes, back to pattern drafting!


  1. you look really beautiful!
    the violet collar has only one collarpiece. i learned that you need 2 collarpieces. one up- and on downside. the one on the upside has to be a bit larger. when you sew them togehther you have to roll the collar and you will have some "space". oh, i don't know how to explain, it is easier to show :0(
    did you understand a bit?
    i like your pattern! the dress is great and i am plannig to sew it.

  2. Lovely. (As an aside, I meant to tell you that I saw a vintage wedding gown that had a neckline like your first pattern. It was beautiful all in white and made me eager to get around to sewing your pattern for myself... One day...)

  3. Sorry to hear about your stumbling block, but I'm sure a bit of time away from it all has done the world of good. You'll figure it out soon for sure ;o)

    Also, this outfit is so both makes!

  4. You are hitting those Clovers big time Suzy - they look great (I say through gritted teeth....what is it about tight fitting trousers?!?) Anyway, the Violet looks stunning - such a great fabric choice - both colour and quality. I love the 3/4 sleeves on you - it looks such a cool blouse.
    Good luck with your pattern drafting now you have had a "holiday"!

  5. The Collarpiece is to wide at the outside. Look here , here you can see, the changes I made with the violet pattern.

  6. I love the whole outfit! It looks great with your red wedges.

  7. Very exciting for you to be pattern drafting, to think that a while ago you were just beginning to sew! Very pretty blouse x

  8. Wow, this outfit looks so great! Lovely makes :)

  9. So behind on my reading, so forgive the tardiness! LOVE this outfit and totally ADORE your hair! Both these patterns are on my ever increasing to-do list, so it's great to see a completed outfit. As ever, you look fab x



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