Saturday, 4 August 2012

Photography Fun: Equipment

Before I can start talking about tips and hints and ways to improve your photography, I need to talk about equipment. Not meant as a ultimate guide or anything of the sort. Simply the tools I will be using throughout these series. The important thing to remind yourself is that you do not need a super expensive camera to take amazing photos. Creativity is very important as well. Saying that, there are some things you simply cannot do in a phone camera and understanding your limitations is important.

The Camera
I will try and cover 3 very broad camera groups. The compact camera, seen at the far right, the DSLR with it's multiple different lenses (2nd and 3rd from right) and lastly the ever so handy phone camera. Alls these will perform differently but all do the basic: they take photos. As a note I took the photo above with Rob's camera, which is also a DSLR.

The Light
Light is so, so important in photography and there are many sources that can be used and controlled to achieve what we want. You have the flashguns (above left) that can either mounted on a SLR or off camera (with a transmitter), you have your inbuilt camera flash which can be too harsh so little little controllers such as the ones above in the centre scan be used for. There are also reflectors that can be used to maximise existing ambient light. And let's not forget the sun :)

The Props
Props for me are the fun part of photography. They help you tell a story, but most important they will help you feel relaxed and get a great photo. Don't know what to do with your hands? Grab a book! Feel the background is too bare? Add something to add interest. We'll explore how anything can be used.

So what equipment do you have and use?


  1. I have a Nikon D3100, a kit lens and a 35mm lens which I absolutely adore. I am on the lookout for a tripod now. I don't really use probs for now, but I will as soon as I start making things which need them. I am really new to this photography thing, so I don't have or even know the stuff I need, but I am getting really addicted to taking pictures.

  2. I've got a Canon EOS1000D, with too many (amateur-quality) lenses. I have an off-brand flash, which is annoying because it only works when parked on the hotshoe. I have a reflector too, and would love to practice more portrait/people photography.

  3. What perfect timing! I am in the market for a new camera... I've been using a little point and shoot for the last two years to take my product shots. I am a photography-dummy so I haven't wanted to invest in something that is above my capacity. I'm thinking of getting the Canon Rebel T3 because I hear it is pretty user-friendly (and is within my budget). In my very humble opinion, I think you can take great shots with a point and shoot camera, especially with some great natural lighting & some patience, but I'm at the point now where I'd like to have some more creativity and flexibility with my photography.

  4. I love photography,so really looking forward to your posts.
    I've got a point and shoot sony cyber shot DSC-W90, A second hand Canon 350D DSLR, with two lenses a 35mm and a 55mm one and oddly I've also got a Lomograpghy Diana F+ analogue camera, (you can buy them at urban outfitters) which is great fun but I'm yet to have any pictures developed to know how good it is.

  5. Ooh sUzy, I'm also looking forward to these posts. I've a digital canon eos, actually 2 different ones...I am lucky enough to get my dads hand me downs which are always better than the skills I have at using them! I don't think he plans to update his dslr any time soon however!

  6. Oh yes! Super excited about this series!!! I love photography and am always keen to learn hints and tips from the experts. I'm especially interested to learn about the flashgun and the little controllers for the inbuilt flash, as I know nothing about either!!! I have a Canon 550D, with a standard kit lens. Plus I bought an 18-200m Tamron lens which was (within my price range!!!) great for my holidays. And I have just bought a Canon 50m f/1.8 lens which I think I'm in love with! lol



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