Thursday, 31 March 2011

My Sabrina Dress #5 - Cutting and Marking

That photo speaks for itself! The width of my fabric wasn't enough so I will end up with a 1950s above the knee length dress. Not ideal, I know! The other thing this meant was that it was quite difficult to match floral prints, like I had originally intended. Not the end of the world.
I cut all my fabric on the floor as I do not have a big enough table. To make up for accurate cuting I usually cut roughly around pattern pieces and end up with a pile like the one below.
 I can then take to my small work desk and accurately cut and mark.
My absolute favourite way of marking fabric is to use carbon paper and a tracing wheel. Here, however, I didn't do that as the fabric right size is on the outside.
 I usually snip all notches. As long as you do it well within your seam allowance there is no problem.
For the darts I used tailor's tacks. Great for marking fabric on both sides without risking permanent pen/ chalk marks. Saying that after I do the tacks and remove the paper pattern, I outline the dart on the wrong side of fabric. That ensures I'm sewing the dart properly.
That was basically all the marking to do on the pattern. I was happy when it was over as I could get on with the fun stuff: sewing it together! 


  1. Do you have enough fabric to piece the wedge that's missing from the skirt? I have done that before. I was surprised how little it showed.

  2. I can't wait to see this finished! I really like the fabric, I think it's going to look fab.

  3. Wow! The fabric is beautiful, which ensures that the end beautiful dress! Please add photos of progress in later posts, all of this Sewing is delicious.

  4. Andrea: That is a great idea, I'll keep that in mind for the future. For this one I have already cut the pieces shorter and I don't think I had enough fabric for that. Thank you!
    Toria and Rosy: Thank you, I have progressed well since this post. I think I'll have this ready next week.

  5. Oh damn it - what a bummer about the fabric width. But I recon the dress will look fab in the shorter length anyway - especially with such gorgeous fabric...I LOVE the shade of blue.
    Glad to see I'm not the only one to snip notches - it's so much faster!



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