Sunday, 6 March 2011

Train Adventures

I just came back from holidays which consisted of travelling by train to Zurich, then Venice and then back to UK. I really enjoyed travelling by train instead of flying. There is still some rush and stress trying to get on the train on time but it's much more enjoyable once you are in (except the toilets, that is).
Obviously I did some research on fabric shops in both Zurich and Venice and made sure I went to some once there. However I did not buy anything and with great embarrassment I have to say I even failed at taking photos.
I visited two shops in Zurich. Modesa has a huge variety of different fabrics and lots of zippers and threads. But the prices were high, the cheapest being polycotton blends at about 18 Swiss Francs (about £12). Nothing I can't get cheaper in UK. The second shop I visited was Nah-Szene Zurich AG and fabric collection was smaller, a bit prettier and much more expensive. They also sell Bernina machines.
Whilst in Zurich I also visited a second hand shop but prices are not the same we find in UK second hand shops and charity shops. No bargains anywhere.
After a train journey via the Alps we got to Venice. In Venice I was looking forward to see the lace and the velvets, the brocades and the damasks and the (allegedly) numerous museums dedicated to textiles and fabrics. I was deeply disappointed. I struggled to find all the shops and the ones I found (like Bevilacqua) is quite small and has more soft furnishings on display than fabric itself. The lace shops I found sell only soft furnishing, with lace obviously.
Palazzo Mocenigo looked promising on the brochure but also disappointed. There were some gorgeous costumes and fashion illustrations from old books, but little information of what it was, from when, etc.

Either way I had much fun, even though it snowed and it was cold. Carnaval was on and some gorgeous masks on display. I didn't take much photos but my darling BF took some and you can see them here.

And look at how my knitting improved! This was a practice swatch I had started a while ago. Terrible!
And this is a new one I started (after frantically searching for a yarn shop in Venice) and hopefully will become a scarf. I know it's basic but hey, I need to practice. I find sewing easier, but I love knitted stuff.

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  1. That's a lovely photo of you. Do you know, I've written a novel set in Venice - and never been there! I'd love to go one day. But what a shame about the fabric shops. Your knitting has come on in leaps and bounds. Very neat!



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