Sunday, 20 March 2011

My Sewing List

I have been procrastinating lately and have done very little sewing. My latest buttonhole nightmare plus failed attempts at transfering pattern alterations on My Sabrina Dress (simple maths but I'm crap at it) have send me into a idle state. I have however, managed to buy a few more patterns and add a few more projects to my to sew list. To hopefully keep me on track and sewing, I'll share what's coming with you, more or less in the order I intend to do them.

My Sabrina Dress: I have figured out the fitting alteration I need doing, helped by Alexandra comment (thank you!) and now in process of transfering to pattern pieces. I'm hoping to get this cracked soon. I love the fabric but still unsure how it will look.
I love sew alongs! They help me keep focused and force me to stop and wait for further instructions or advice, before I go and cock up something. Sherry from Pattern~Scissors~Cloth is leading a Tailoring Sew along and I initially shied away from it, as I had to many projects on the go. But after buying some gabardine fabric for trousers and realising the fabric is too heavy for that, I decided to join in. I had to choose a pattern that asked for less than 2mtrs, and quite liked the red illustration from McCalls below (not keen on the photo version). It doesn't have many elements from a tailored jacket, but I'm sure I'll pick up good tips and advice. Need to whip up muslin and fitting issues soon.
Next on the list another vintage pattern, this time for a wrap shirt. I will be using a lovely lightweight cotton I bought months ago. In an effort to wear more skirts, I will also do a basic skirt in this fabric. I LOVE this fabric!
Summer version of my Vogue 8604 Trousers. Hopefully in this blue linen blend with some pattern alterations.
And again, another original vintage pattern, this time for night wear. I will do a first version in the cute cotton poplin on the left, which is a left over from a baby coat and all going well I will do a second version in this satin(ish) fabric with some lace inserts. Probably not followed as it would be too boring.
I need more work shirts so will have another go at shirts with another Very EasyVogue in a lovely red cotton.

Disclaimer: The information printed here is correct at time of publishing. The writer holds right to change any project fabric or pattern, or add/ remove more projects to the list. ;)


  1. I know that not very ambitious feeling I get real ambitious in my head but after the daily grind often lack to energy for action. You have some really cute projects lined up so I wish you much energy and drive to get them done.

  2. Lots of fantastic ideas here to get excited about - you find such cool fabrics Love the LOVE fabric, and the blouse with the exaggerated sleeves will look stunning in red. I'm looking forward to seeing more of these :)

  3. So many cute patterns! The fabric for the vintage nightie is so adorable. :]

  4. ooohhh...I am very excited for all of these! I can't wait!

  5. Love these patterns, you should get some lovely things from these for sure. I am learning to go slower and things seem to work out better when sewing, good luck!

  6. You will be very busy these days .... I envy you!



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