Friday, 5 August 2011

Sewing Room-Inspiration

I might have been a tad optimistic when a few days ago I announced on twitter that regular blogging and sewing would resume in a few days. Well, blogging is here but sewing is still far off. All for a good reason.
In my new home I have a sewing room all for myself! I am determined to decorate it and furnish it appropriately before I start sewing. The job will include a new paint job, new sewing desk and highlight of highlights...a cutting table of a proper height. I am overly excited with this and itching to get all stuff ready. I promise I will show you before, during and after photos.
I'm planning on doing some paint work this weekend and will also quite soon order the tables, but it might be a couple of weeks till all is delivered and ready. In the meantime I'll leave you with some inspiration photos for my sewing room.
Click on images for source.


  1. Love your inspiration photos!! I am also doing up my sewing room (though I've started sewing already--so it's definitely a work in progress!) Can't wait to see what you do!

  2. How fun to plan a whole room for sewing. I've been enjoying reading about Patty's basement's transformation over at I can't wait for yours. Especially if it's going to pull from these photos for inspiration!

  3. Oooohhh exciting stuff :) And, re: cutting table - are you going for the folding IKEA dinning room table (with add-ons to the legs bring the height up)? Or something else?

    For more inspiration try Denise at The Blue Gardenia blog's - she has a long running series with interviews and pictures of lots of people's sewing spaces too:- The Blue Gardenia - Sewing Spaces.

    Plus, a fab book I finished reading the other day is Dream Sewing Spaces: Design & Organization for Spaces Large & Small (NB: The 1st edition has a yellow stripe along the top of the front-cover, the newest 2nd edition has a red-stripe). It's truly sparked off so many ideas in my head about arranging & organizing my space I couldn't put it down :)!

  4. Debi: can't wait to see what you do with your room.

    Claire: I'm getting the cutting table from IKEA but not the folding one. I went for something sturdier as I have the space for it :)

  5. I hope you are enjoying every moment of planning and decoration work in yur new home! Yay!

  6. Those are great pics - I'd LOVE a sewing room of my own but for now I'm making do with the kitchen table... Looking forward to seeing the finished room!

  7. Suzy - ah, great that you now have more space, which make/name of table from IKEA is it please (I'm just being dead nosey LOL!)?

  8. Claire: It's the freestanding Varde kitchen island. See the table with white draws on 3rd photo above? It's that one. Another photo here :

    It's big and sturdy and I can't wait to start using it :)

  9. Nice! (So, it's this one yeah VĂ„RDE Base Cabinet - IKEA ?)

    I've had my fold-down table up for awhile - but I think I choose a height a bit too low to screw it onto the wall, as I get a slightly tired back when I'm working on patterns/cutting for any longer time periods. So we're going to raise it by 6.5cm on the weekend :)

  10. Yes it is Claire. With this shelving unit at the back: and this worktop:

    It's awesome, 1meter wide by 1.50 long :)

  11. Excellent - more shelves = more space for storage. And a 1m x 1.5m table - that's going to be so fab for easily layout your fabric (no more crawling around on the floor LOL!).

    P.S. I'm like you... waiting until my room is more camera-worthy and set-up better before I share photos on my blog (I can't wait to see yours when it's eventually ready!)


  12. Looking forward to see the finnished sewing room, those inspiration photos looks great - love that baby blue color. I hope I would have too in a future...



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