Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Late Summer Sorbetto? Yes, please!

What better project to start me up again on sewing than the oh-so-easy and free Sorbetto Tank Top from Colette Patterns. I know many have already done it and blogged about it but the reality is that this top was never on my to sew list. It's cute and adorable but I have too many tank tops I never wear because a) there simply aren't that many continuous hots days in UK and 2) when there are some I'm at work and don't really like having my tattoos on display. However, this project seemed ideal as a first one in my new sewing room (not yet ready to share but already operational to sew).
Printing and assembling pattern was straightforward and sewing it was straightforward too. I'm closing the gap on this inspiration outfit by using this mustard yellow fabric with contrasting navy bias tape. It's the second time I'm using this fabric and I can't say I love it. It's polyester and it does feel nice to the skin but it's very drapey and slippery to cut and sew.
Colette Patterns instructions are a delight to follow and it was with much excitement that I read the announcement that Colette is releasing a sewing book in November. Woohoo, that will definitely go in my wish list!!


  1. I LOVE the colour (wish it suited me coz I would definately make something in mustard)! And looking forward to seeing the sewing room!

  2. hehehe! I thought you were going on an exotic holiday to somwhere (probably Italian) called Sorbetto! LoL! Nice top, sure it would look particularly lovely in Italy!

  3. I love mustard. I downloaded this pattern and hope to sew it up for the Aussie summer.

  4. So simple and so beautiful! There is never enough of it in the closet, your version is so cool ... Fabulous!

  5. Suzy... You got your sewing table....hurray. This looks lovely on you.

  6. I'm jealous of your gorgeous arms, mine are like worlds strongest man! I could never get away with tattoos on my arms like you can.. so I have a back COVERED! hahahaha



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