Thursday, 25 August 2011

Wool Flannel Quest: A London day trip and blogger meetup

I am planning on doing this lovely vintage pattern as part of my Autumn/ Winter Sewing plan. Wool is the obvious option and I'm considering wool flannel as the fabric choice.
I can't seem to find the aforementioned fabric online so decided on a day trip to London, more specifically to famous Berwick Street, where no doubt I might be able to find my fabric but will probably have to sell part of my body to buy it. It is quite exciting as I have never visited the finest cloths shops in central London.
Even more exciting is that after I tweeted for company the lovely Toria, who blogs at Girl meets Wolf, replied saying she was up for a London day trip. How exciting is that! If there's one think I like more than sewing it's meeting wonderful people from blogs I follow.
So we're meeting on the 3rd September (that's a week away on Saturday) and the overall plan is to hit central London fabric shops, including the Cloth House, Liberty, MacCulloch and Wallis, take lots of photos and find somewhere nice to eat. By the 3rd September I will have a little itinerary, just for fun!

If you have any other fabric shops areas and/or nice eating recommendations for central London, I would love to know and this is not an official, organised meetup but if you're free that day and fancy coming along, let me know!


  1. Love this pattern! Wool flannel will be fabulous for it! Wish I lived "across the pond" so I could go shopping for fabric in London, too! I have been there and LOVED every minute of the time I spent in your lovely country! Hope to visit again.

    Happy Fabric Shopping

  2. I think wool flannel is just about the most perfect winter dress fabric. :)

    I was planning on making an early/mid-40s shirtwaist in wool this autumn and I was looking for wool flannel online with no luck when suddenly my aunt phoned and wondered if I wanted to adopt her long-abandoned fabric stash. "Sure," I said... and ended up with, amongst other amazing things (raw silk! wool cashmere suiting!), a perfect brown wool flannel. From London, no less, picked up during a trip to the UK.

  3. I know you'd like some fabric places in central London but you might want to consider popping over to Goldhawk Road in Shepherd's Bush. Ten or so shops on one road! And they have fabulous fabric choices for really good prices.

  4. I am very envious of your pattern.

  5. Gargh! I am out of town that weekend. Otherwise, I would SO want to join you. Have fun without me - sob.

  6. Oh, I'm so jealous of all these lovely London & Brighton Blogger shopping trips! If only the flight from Belfast wasn't so expensive, or I'd definately have come along. Have a great trip and take lots of photos so we can all live vicariously through them!

  7. Hi Suzy,
    I'm free on Saturday and have been thinking about a trip to those more high end fabric shops for a while, MacCulloch and Wallis in particular!
    Would it be OK for me to tag along? I'd love to meet both you and Toria!

  8. Ooh! I've not heard about Cloth House before, they look GREAT! Can't wait!

    Lauren, I'm sure Suzy will agree we'd love you to come along! I'm National Express busing it in (leaves me more money for fabric!) to Victoria Bus Station for 11am. Hope to see you a week Sat!

  9. Whilst I remember, do make sure to check out the haberdashery upstairs at Macculloch and Wallis - there are two floors of goodness up there!

  10. Melizza: Thank you, I know Goldhawk Rd and it's indeed a fabric shopping paradise. But as I'm looking for 100% wool suiting and have a feeling I wouldn't find them there.
    Karen: Shame you can't make it and yes, I'll make sure we explore all corners of McCulloch and Wallis.

    Lauren: Toria is absolutely right. We'd love you to come along. If you email me at suzysewingblog[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk we can arrange all details.

    Thank you everyone else for the comments, it is such a nice pattern. I hope I can make it justice.

  11. I'd love to come along if you don't mind - I've been suffering from a lack of sewing all August but I hand my dissertation in on the 1st so will finally be free! Will be great to get some inspiration for autumn sewing.

  12. Hi Justine! Of course you can join us. I have your email from Brighton so will send you some logistic details soon. All the best on your last dissertation days.

  13. Thanks Suzy, that sounds great. :) I've had my work bound today and will hand it in tomorrow, and then freedom! After not going out of the house for days I can't wait for a good ole shop and a natter.



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