Saturday, 11 June 2011

Projects ahead

I had a few days break after finishing my Sencha and Ginger but quickly started to think about what to do next. This has taken some time to decide. I have a fair amount ::cough cough:: of patterns and fabric on my stash I want to use but I confess that a lot of what is in my stash, pattern wise, is stuff that I would make and wear once. Like dresses, for example, love them but don't wear them as often. Saying that I am on a mission to wear more skirts and dresses but I need to get some long or 3/4 sleeved dress patterns, as my definition of hot weather is above 30 Celsius and that is a rarity in UK. Feel free to suggest any vintage or vintage inspired ones.
My next project is not vintage or vintage inspired. It's a Burda 7441 and it's for trousers. I quite like the outfit in the above photo so keen to have some similar casual smarts on my wardrobe, instead of jeans or formal work wear. A quick look at pattern instructions scares me. There are a lot of techniques and things I haven't done before on here. But, I will have a go! I debated on doing a muslin but decided against to. I confess to doing muslins for everything and often feel uncomfortable with the waste. Fitting wise, I don't think I'll need massive alterations (unlike with bodice pieces) and new techniques can be tried on scraps before on the main fabric. I will also, for the first time, use tissue fitting method, religiously following Pants for Real People. I'll keep you posted on how this goes.
At the same time I will be tackling a shirt for my bf, who has recently upgraded himself to f. I'm using Mcalls 6044 and have no idea how my fabric will behave, as I will have to cut cross grain. The fabric was bought in Hungary quite cheap so I see it as a working muslin that if works awesome, if not I will have learned something (I hope.) I confess I would rather use Colette Negroni pattern as I know the instructions are great, but couldnt resist the discount on this one some months ago.


  1. I love the inspiration outfit, are you going for the same colours, too?

  2. bf > f = fiance? If yes, congrats! :-)

  3. Debbie, Yes it is, spot on ;) Thank you!!

    Bea: I'm going for same colours but on opposite pieces. The trousers will be navy/ midnight blue and the idea is to wear them with a yellow mustard top. I already made a blouse this colour but have more planned.

  4. Smitten by the inspiration outfit. I've saved the picture to my spring/summer lookbook. Winter here. Good luck with the bf shirt. I'm sewing a man jacket right now. Very time consuming but rewarding.



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