Monday, 20 June 2011

A Week of Giveaways - Day 1

Welcome to my first giveaway of this week! As well as June being the month I started sewing and blogging, one year ago, it's also my birthday month. It's actually today, so what better day to start celebrating.
Without further delay, the item up for grabs today is this lovely 1980 sewing book:
Despite its name, the book re-assures its readers that sewing with shortcuts does not mean lower standards and all the book shortcuts "...make for excellent results."
The book has two main sections: processes and techniques, with all the range you can see from photo below and designs featuring 15 patterns (unscaled) very 70s/80s.
I purchased this book from a charity shop some months ago but have not used it. I decided to part with it as I do have two other technique books that I refer to more often. I am also not attracted to late 70s/ 80s  fashion, so the designs don't appeal to me. I hope this book will be of more use to someone else.

To enter this giveaway is simple:
1) You have to be a follower on my blog
2) Leave a comment on this post telling me what you think of the 80s, fashion wise.
3) Very important, leave your email address. I had trouble in the past contacting people because not all profiles allow access to email.

The giveaway is open to my readers all over the world and deadline for entry is Sunday 26th June 2011, 6pm GMT time. Winner will be announced the following day.

Good Luck!!


  1. Happy Birthday!! :) When I think of the 80s I think of photos of my mum when she was a teenager. Big hair (permed in my mums case) and lots of eye make up. But the make up might just be my mum, as she still wears lots of eye make up though she has toned it down a bit :)
    Ashley x

  2. Oi Susy Feliz aniversario ! Happy birthday ! How wonderful too that you started bloging in june so happy Blogyversary ! Well. I have the most funny photos on the 80's as I fully embraced. Black t-shirts with big bright slogans, converses, side ponitail.. lots of gold ! heheh and all that before 10 yrs old ! Totally fashionista.


  3. I loved 80's stuff like the ra-ra skirt my Grandma made for me from some old floral curtains (I loved twirling around in it as a little girl). There was loads of fun stuff - Bananarama's early look (think baggy t-shirts 'n' dungaree's. All the tight clingy lycra whilst economical on fabric wasn't a forgiving look for everyone! I remember spending some summers in my faded deliberately torn-at-the-knees faded jeans (C&A own brand - I couldn't afford the Levi 501's I coveted on my pocket money) and garishly printed baggy tee's a la Jason Donovan(like when he was in Neighbours on the telly and doing his music haha!) And doesn't suit frosted pink lipstick everybody haha!


  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love these kind of sewing books and this is one ive not seen before so I would love to win it. The 80s fashion wise is not an era I like much, the 70's on the other hand happens to be my favorite.

  5. The 80s was my fashion era. To be honest I'm kind of resentful that when I looked my best (early 20s) fashion was really quite aweful. The cut of garments was creative, and some pieces such as the military style jumpsuit are making a welcome comeback, the shoulder pads, frizzy perms and OTT makeup made us look quite aweful. I'm jealous of my daughters who look beautiful in today's styles. SO GIVE ME THE BOOK AND I'LL STOP WHINING!ps Happy Birthday!

  6. When I think of the 80's, I definitely think of my mum in her teens - the perm, the tight leather skirt (that she still has but neither of us fit into), and the denim! Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome giveaway :)

  7. 80s are very enjoyfull for me.. bernasagun at gmail dot com

  8. To be honest, the 80s wasn't my favorite. It's the decade I grew up in and as nostalgic as I feel towards the music and alternative youth cultures that came from it, the trend of pantsuits and flashdance-inspired stuff seen on the high streets kind of frightens me. But I have started integrating that era into my pattern collections, just for fun. Perhaps if I am more adventurous, I can try and modernize it a bit. Here's hopin!

  9. Belated birthday greetings! I seem to recall the 80s for me were ra-ra skirts, baggy jeans, t-shirts and shirt combos, and bermuda shorts! An improvement from the Mid 80s when I seemed to only wear pleated polyester skirts with matching pique polo t-shirt and cardigan, heaven knows where my mother bought them from but I seem to have a set in every pastel colour!

    Now that I collect vintage patterns and make clothing I am starting to appreciate all the fashion elements of the 80s and just how much they drew on earlier decades (30s to 50s especially), its no longer so horrific in my mind. I recently bought an 80's blouse pattern because it has the quintessential 30s sleeve shape that I want to use for another design!

    The book looks intriguing, an awful lot of shortcuts on that contents page, looks like an interesting read!

  10. For me the 80's were about meeting my husband and starting a family so I remember more about babies than fashion! but I don't remember the fashions with any great fondness!



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