Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Week of Giveaways - Day 4

Todays giveaway will hopefully appeal to vintage fans.
A gorgeous 1940s pattern for pantie and vest. Two version, one plain and one with a lace insert. Size is a  37 bust. Which is exactly the reason I am parting with this gorgeousness. You might recall a few months back I shared I was going to attempt this pattern first on cotton poplin for a plain version and all going well a second version then on satin(ish) with lace insert. The fact the pattern is unprinted was a bit daunting but I pressed ahead and didn't let that deter me. However when I got my head round the pattern pieces I realised the size was way too big for me. And even though I really like this pattern I don't like it enough to try and resize it. There you go, up for grabs!

To enter this giveaway is simple:
1) You have to be a follower on my blog
2) Leave a comment on this post telling me your experience with unprinted patterns.
3) Very important, leave your email address. I had trouble in the past contacting people because not all profiles allow access to email.

The giveaway is open to my readers all over the world and deadline for entry is Sunday 26th June 2011, 6pm GMT time. Winner will be announced the following day.

Good Luck!!


  1. Such a pretty pattern! I've never used an unprinted pattern, but I'm definitely up for the challenge :)
    Ashley x

  2. Beautiful!
    I've never used an unprinted pattern before, but I'd sure like to try!

  3. Oh this is too cute to not enter. I have sewn from an unprinted pattern before and must say it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I haven't got any vintage underwear patterns so this would be a first.


  4. I have never tried an unprinted pattern because I'm new into sewing... But I have sketched some ideas!

  5. Absolutely adorable vintage pattern. I haven't tried a true unprinted pattern yet either. This I would love to play with.

    And a big thank you to Sew Retro for helping me find your blog. Love it! Thanks!


  6. Woooww.. lovely
    I have not tried such a pattern before.
    bernasagun at gmail dot com

  7. I've been longing for a pattern like this for ages! I've worked with unprinted patterns before, and though it might be a bit big for the top, the knickers should be just right (hello pear-shaped... =) )
    Keeping my fingers crossed!
    Oh, and my email is

    Have a great weekend!

  8. This is just my size and just what I've been looking for - yes please!

    I have 2 unprinted patterns but not attempted either yet. I do think that for someone like me, who generally ignores notches and other marks until the pieces don't match up, that not having them doesn't seem to be that much of a worry!
    nementai at gmail dot com

  9. I actually really like unprinted patterns - mainly because the punched holes make it so much easier to mark the fabric! When I trace out altered patterns I punch holes for the markings now because of it.

  10. Ooh, yes please! I've used one 1930's unprinted pattern and I found the punched holes helpful too. If given the choice though, I'd probably go for a printed pattern, just for reassurance! Great giveaway, thanks so much Suzy, hope you had a lovely birthday! x

  11. Hope your birthday was fabulous!
    I've not attempted an unprinted pattern but I'd like to try. This is so pretty.
    lizajanesews at hotmail dot com

  12. That's a wonderful pattern!
    I've sewn one unprinted pattern before and didn't find it too bad. Took a little longer than usual but that's okay.
    Email is christi.adell at gmail dot com.


  13. That's a really neat pattern! I have been looking for something just like it. Unprinted patterns can be difficult, but kind of a fun challenge. They help you remember to just laugh at yourself and your work sometimes.
    Miss Athena
    miss_athena12 at

  14. Hi! I'm a beginner in sewing. But I loved some vintage patterns I got as a gift so much I couldn't resist making a skirt from an unprinted pattern. Maybe it's because I didn't have all that much experience with printed patterns, maybe it's because it was just a simples skirt, but I didn't find it that difficult. I had already read Casey's tutorial on how to work with unprinted patterns. I simply laid it on a clear sheet of pattern paper and copied all the marks. I studied it before as not to miss anything. Not only for the unprinted factor, but because the pattern was very frail and I didn't want to ruin it, so I could make changes and use the tracing wheel on my sturdy new version. It just takes a little longer than when they come in print, but it's fun to think someone probably used that pattern in the early 20th century and now it was me.

    Hope I win! I love that pattern!

  15. I have never used an unprinted pattern, but have been follower of vintage sewing blogs for quite a while and am very interested in trying some myself. This pattern is very beautiful, I would love to try it.

    Nadine (of no blog...but wait, that bug may get me

  16. Wow! What a pretty pattern. I've been reading and learning about unprinted patterns but haven't worked with one yet. A pattern like that would be a great place to start. roxannnelisman at gmail dot com

  17. Oh, lovely pattern! I'm petrified of unmarked patterns but would love to give this one a go.
    Welsh Pixie

  18. I had the fear of the unknown with unprinted patterns until I took the time to examine one properly. Now I love them, they are so much quicker and easier to copy, grade, mark fabric and no time wasted cutting out! I've used a few unprinted children's patterns and always had good result. Since most of my own drafts are fairly unmarked there is little difference, although it does help to pencil on the pattern piece number as they can be tricky to read!

    This pattern is so very cute and looks comfy, I'm thinking summer nightwear... []

  19. I like it enough to resize it a bit! I've been aching to make just this thing.



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