Sunday, 25 July 2010

Corset=Fail :(

Started construction of the Simplicity 9769 corset today. I won this pattern on a competition from Sew Curvy Corsetry and chose it as it was the most simple. But simple it was not for me. I have to bare in mind that I've never attended any course on sewing plus only started using a sewing machine last month. Still, I hope I had more natural skills. Most of the corset is now done and only the binding is left to do, but there are a lot of mistakes with this piece and a lot of challenges were present.
  • I've cut a size 8 and guess what? It's big. 
  • I also need to distinguish between right and wrong side of fabric and make sure when I sew pieces together I'm sewing the correct ones. In this case I was confused with what pieces where from the left side of corset and which ones where from right. When I figured out I found out some were cut wrong so the wrong side of fabric was showing. (don't know if you'll understand that sentence, lol
  • The above also means the shape/ format of the corset is all wrong, as I sewed pieces wrong. (You can see the example at the front in the photo)
  • I was too hasty and sewed parts before I should have done so.
  • The eyelets were a bit challenging. They are very, very wonky and definitely not even.
Lessons learned:
  1. Be patient and read all instructions as many times as needed
  2. Learn how to grade and do fittings throughout construction
  3. Make the garment in cheap calico or muslin with long stitches
  4. Pay more attention to cutting and marking the garment
  5. And again, be patient!!

If you have more tips and advice for me, let me know!


  1. I think the one thing I find when sewing is I don't want to waste time with the basics and just want to get straight onto making cool things but sometimes like you say it pays ti have patience and take time and make sure you know what you're doing before you do it.

    I think it's looking great for a first attempt, just think what you could do the second time around with your new found knowledge :-)

  2. Hi Suzy

    I think it looks very good for a first attempt as a non-experienced sewer .. it's certainly better than the first corset I ever made! BUT.. you are right with the patience factor. Take each step slowly, do make sure your cutting and marking is tip top (ie, as you cut and mark, mark each peice a/b - put on separate piles, make sure all the bone chanels are marked etc.,). I am surprised that 8 is too big - I cut an 8 (I am a shop size 8) where I should rightly be a pattern size 12, and it fitted perfectly .. so I am assuming you are teensy tiny ..?
    Dont lose heart though Suzy. Use the parts for your next corset .. I think you've done REALLY WELL!

  3. I am making a corset out of the same pattern too! Taking your time and not being hasty really does count. I found that this tutorial helped me out a lot when I made mine. . I made a canvas version for fitting and that helped me in altering it, so when I put it together for the final one, it fit perfectly! Make another one! Im sure you will do a lot better!



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