Sunday, 1 August 2010

It's all so quiet...

Sewing wise, it's all very quiet. After followed failed attempts at doing some garments I decided t step back and just practice basic techniques in scrap fabric. I've done a variety of zips and hems successfully and want to look at sleeve construction next. However for this I need a decent bodice so decided to step further back and do some blocks with my measurements. This isn't to say that I won't pop up suddenly with something but to be honest I'm more focused on practice, practice, practice.

Learning how to sew/ dressmaking reminds me when I was learning photography. It was all so overwhelming: aperture and shutter speed, distance to subject, ISO sensitivity, color balance, compositions...arhhhhh! So much to take in consideration for one image. After practice, it's all very natural, so I'm hoping sewing will be the a similar process.

I'm hoping to get a tailors dummy today from a Ebay auction. I really think that 3d garment construction will make more sense to me that flat pattern only. Will let you know if I'm the lucky winner!

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