Saturday, 7 August 2010

Practice, Practice, Practice

I've been practicing my sewing skills a lot, in the past couple of weeks. There's no point in me jumping the gun and trying to make elaborate things, if my basic skills are not yet developed. I was always very hasty in things. I want something I want it now! With that in mind, practice can be boring but I'm doing it.

Yesterday evening I started a new project. It is a decorative one and it was classified as "Intermediate" in the last issues of SewHip. I am taking my time with it and tacking every seam before I sew. Hoping to show you the result in my next post.

I also finally got a tailors dummy. I'm happy with it but have to say at the same time a bit disappointed. It is a adjustable model, size petite. The small model had bigger boobs than mine are. The problem with being petite is that at the waist and hips I have to open it quite up to get my measurements and that leaves a huge hole in the model. Not very handy for pinning fabric. It is also rather flimsy and I keep thinking it's going to fall over when using it. Never mind, it's my first dummy and will probably do the job at my skill level. All I need now is to reorganize space in our laboratory. ;)

Have a great weekend!

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