Friday, 20 August 2010

Update on Vintage Dress and pattern blocks

Earlier this week I ran out of pins, so had to delay the start of my vintage dress (Butterick 6582). I used the time to finish the bodice block and you can see the result of that in the picture on the left. I think I'm quite happy with the fit, not sure I need to make any alterations. Probably the sleeve hole will need some adjustments but I'll only find that out when attaching the sleeve. That will take some time though.

I started work on the vintage dress. First I traced the pattern onto new tracing paper. That took some time and a few challenges. Do you trace your patterns onto tracing paper or cut straight from the pattern? Is so, what do you use to attach the sheets together and make sure they don't move? I used paper clips but interested to know what you use. As I mentioned in the last post, I am doing a toil with cheap unbleached cotton first. I decided to go with view C, which is the full skirt one. I struggled to get the fabric cut as I simply do not have enough floor space to spread 4m of 60inch wide fabric. For that reason I've cut all the bodice parts first and will leave the skirt panels for later.
As you can see, I am now in the process of transfering markings, which I also find a challenge. I quite like to use thread markings. What do you use?

I suspect I will advance with this quite a bit as I have a whole weekend without any commitments or plans. Saying that I will stop whenever tired or unsure as that is a sure way of getting things wrong and I have already learned that lesson.

I have a burning beginner question: What is the difference between iron on interfacing and sew in interfacing (despite the obvious difference of course). Can I get away with using iron on interfacing when the pattern envelope suggests sew in?


  1. That looks like a great block. You must becareful adjusting the armhole. There is ease built in for attaching a sleeve - test it with a sleeve first. If you are making something sleeveless, then there are other adjustments (incorporating the armhole) that you have to make .. but for a basic block, it looks good! x

  2. Thank you Julia! I'll definitely keep ease built in mind. I do have the muslin for the sleeves cut but haven't done any work on them or checked how it fits. They are the standard 8 size but I have quite small shoulders and thin arms so might need to do some adjusting there.



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