Sunday, 8 August 2010

I introduce you...Leopold!

Isn't he cute? This is the result of my latest sewing project. I decided to do the patchwork mouse featured in latest issue of SewHip magazine. It is all but perfect but I really like it. I followed the instructions carefully but a couple of things made it less than perfect (alongside my beginner skills):
 -  I wanted to use leatherette and the leopard print fabric and it wasn't a wise choice. The leatherette was easy to sew in but the leopard fabric is very flimsy and slippery, not to say in frays a lot.
 - Adding to that that the little fellow is indeed very small, made the work very precise, and therefore not very easy.
 - There was a need for some hand sewing and I'm truly rubbish at that.
In all I spent around a week doing it (maybe a little less) and in hours where I was tired and wanted to go on an on I stopped. I am learning some lessons, even though more need to be learned.

This week, I have also enrolled in a one day course with The Thrifty Stitcher. It's at the end on this month and about using commercial patterns. I have a few of those and have  (sort of) used them but to the quite honest, results have been rubbish. It will be great to start something and finish it with the support, advise and guidance from someone. Can't wait!!
I had also enrolled in a knitting workshop at John Lewis but that, unfortunately, was cancelled.

Last but nor least, I need to share with the the beautiful fabric I purchased today at a car boot sale. I was a bit disappointed that with such a huge car boot sale there was next to nothing that caught me eye. But, this fabric was worth the journey and I'm in love with it.

It says in the selvedge 100% cotton and it does feel like it. It is quite dirty in places and I need to give it a good wash. If you have any idea of the origin of the fabric, let me know!


  1. I think you have done a really good job. Quite creative using those fabrics and the result it is unique! Fantastic. I like the fabric that you bought in the car boot sale. Any plans of what to do with it?
    I have also enroll on a sewing course in my local collegue, basicly to force me to sit, cut fabric and sew, I am terrible at it, and I never give myself time to do anything for me. Do let us know how your sewing class goes :)

  2. Thank you for your comments!Not sure yet of what I';; do with the fabric but I'm leaning towards a vintage/ 1050s inspired dress. Would definitely make as many muslins beforehand as possible as do not want to get it wrong with this fabric.

  3. Love the mouse, very cute and great choice of fabrics. Makes it a bit more grown up.

    Lovely fabric from the car boot sale, would suit a vintage style dress. Look forward to seeing the pics.



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