Saturday, 21 August 2010

Vintage Dress Butterick 6582 toile

I had a feeling yesterday that I would advance with this toile quite quickly and so it was. Last night I finished the bodice  and cut the skirt panels. As it involved gathering a lot of fabric I've left that for this morning. I think the fit is pretty good. I think at this stage I'm just excited to finish something and with time and experience might become more aware of little problems. The skirt was long and I don't particularly like that, so reduced length considerably. You can see the toile below, on my dressform. I've put a random belt on just to illustrate how it'll look. And as it's probably noticeable, I didn't press it.

I am now trying to decide in what fabric to do this. Originally I had this in mind but I'm still unsure. It is such a gorgeous fabric and it was a real great find. My skills are still not perfected so part of me wants to keep it for when I'm more confident in my sewing. Does that make sense?

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