Friday, 10 September 2010

Fabric choices and a wonderful book!

I was lucky enough to have landed in my hands the gorgeous book : "P.S.-I made this..." by Erica Domesek. The book explores innovative and creative ways of using everyday things to recreate fashions trends, from gorgeous jewellery to pimping up a pair of leggings or t-shirt. A huge thank you to The Fabric Loft is due. Alongside drop dead gorgeous fabrics on their website  The Fabric Loft also has an excellent review of this book in the  blog.
There's a lot of things I want to try, but high on the list are the military earring, using tassels and upholstery cord, and the knee high leather boots.  Keep your eyes peeled, coming to you soon :)

I have finally received some of the material needed for the Lady Grey sew along. At the bottom of this post you'll see a photo with main fabric, interfacing and muslin, but don't hold your breath. It's probably the most boring fabric photo you've seen. So what do we have:
Main fabric:  After much deliberation I've decided for a gabardine which I strongly suspect is artificial, not wool, as it was very cheap. Let me say that I took ages to decide. I was set on some nice wool flannel but stepped back after seeing 4mtrs would set me back about £100. I know a good coat is worth it but I am absolutely new to tailoring and even sewing in general I'm still green. Do I want to risk plus £££ is a coat which might be catastrophically build? No.
Lining: I have not yet purchased lining. I have some black habutai short of 2mtr (which is what I need) so will see if it's enough. Again, I was tempted with some silk but thought of coat disaster vs £££.
Interfacing: It's lightweight, as recommended by pattern but it's soooo soft I'm actually worried.
Muslin: What can I say, it's medium weight calico.

I'm expecting to receive my pattern tomorrow so can go about tracing it in preparation to pin/mark/cut. The flickr pool for the sew along is also up so getting quite excited over this.

I will definitely try my best at this coat and will definitely do a wool flannel version if confident after this one. I have even commissioned a pretty extraordinary talented lady to do me some custom buttons. But I'll leave that for another time.


  1. That book looks fun - look forward to seeing what you make with it!

    As for your thoughts on fabric choices for Lady Grey, I couldn't have put it better myself. I've bought a cheap blue wool blend twill because I'm not convinced I'll ever want to wear the finished product! I look on it as a great learning opportunity, and the £25+ per metre fabrics can wait until I've acquired some skills!
    It'll be more fun, too, don't you think, without 'expensive fabric' anxiety.

  2. So happy that you like the book and I can't think of anybody else better than owning it. I thought that even the t-shirt were brilliant don't you think? Such simple things turned in to something out of the ordinary.

    I am going to be tuned to see how you get on with the sew along, I am sure you will make something that makes me so envious, but hopefully it will push me to make one for myself.




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