Saturday, 18 September 2010

Progress on Lady Grey Sew Along

The Lady Grey Sew Along hosted by Gertie is under way with the construction of the muslin/ toile. I traced and cut my US size 4 pattern pieces last week. I suspect this size will be way to big but it's easier to take out than to put in (even though I confess I have no idea how to do it if needs be). Even though this is a Autumn coat I plan to wear it (if finished wearable) during winter with some nice long gloves, so the coat needs space for some bulky wool sweaters; which, by the way, I LOVE, but can't knit :(

I started off by tracing seam lines and markings onto wrong side of fabric using a tracing wheel. Can you see the lines on the right hand side in the fabric? No? Don't worry, neither can I. The tracing/ carbon paper I have is either yellow or white so it doesn't show very well. After tracing a couple of pieces I hurried to my local Hobbycraft to see if I could get some red or blue carbon paper. I did find some but pieces are like 20cm x 20cm which is not helpful really. I went along with the yellow and put some strain in my eyes sewing the lines.

My next stage was to sew all seam lines. With some blue chalk pencil, I marked the pattern piece number and name and notches.

Several pieces later I was finished and have all pieces ready for the next stage: assembling the muslin/ toile.

When I looked at the sew along Flickr group pool I saw that many people have already assembled their muslin. However, I decided to wait for Gertie to publish the assembling post. She might include tips and hints on construction which I sure want to follow. Getting well excited with this and hope I manage to do something wearable and most important, I learn a bit of tailoring along the way. The schedule is to start sewing on the 27th and that is leaving me a bit concerned. I'm going on holidays on the 28th for about 2 weeks and know I will get behind everyone else. Maybe it's not a problem as I can always catch up and refer to previous posts but hope that there will still be someone around with patience to help me if I have any issues.

On other sewing news...
...I have started gathering supplies to do some awesome jewellery stuff featured in the P.S.-I made this... book .
... I decided to freestyle a blouse/ t-shirt and so far is looking odd but wearable. Need to buy some supplies to finish it off.
... I have some ideas I want to see if I can pull off. Can't share many details now but will do as soon as I know.
... My turn of the century ladies costume is not forgotten. However, with holidays and sew along it will take some time.

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