Sunday, 26 September 2010

New hair and little sewing!

I have decided to abandon the golden highlights of my hair for something a bit warmer and suitable for colder months. As you can see from the photo right at the end of this post my hair is now a copper/ reddish tone. This will, however, change. Because I had blonde highlights it's not easy for the red to stick and it will fade away quite quick. Therefore I need to have a second coating in about a month. I am also planning a different cut.
But this has nothing to do with sewing, you are probably thinking. And you're right, nothing to do with sewing. I have been rather inactive with sewing. I'm still waiting for some golden advice from Gertie on how to best assemble sleeves for me Lady Grey Sew along so not much development there. I tried my hand at a couple of things though but stumbled a bit and welcome your advice with bag making: I tried to do a coin purse but had a hard time with some firm fusible interfacing. The thing won't bend so how am I suppose to work with it?! I'm sure the answer is simple.

That's all for today and possible for next week or so as I'm on holidays :) 


  1. Gorgeous new look. You are thinking what I am thinking, time to go a little darker :-) x

  2. I left a comment last week, saying that I thought your new hair colour was lovely, and really made you eyes look stunningly blue. That sweater colour is brilliant on you, too. I don't know what happened there (this user error I expect), so I'll say it again!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, btw, good to have you back! Hope your holiday was lovely.



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