Saturday, 9 October 2010

Back from Holiday Sewing Progress

I'm back in the UK after what seemed a short 10 day holiday in southern Portugal. The weather was lovely, the food, family and friends awesome and I definitely didn't want to come back to my day job. I have to confess, however, that I missed my sewing machine and my ongoing sewing projects. Whilst away, my mother managed to help me hold knitting needles properly so I will start a scarf attempt soon. On to sewing now and I'm way behind everyone else at the Gertie's Lady Grey Sew Along. I finished fitting my muslin and I think I'm relatively happy with fit so started cutting and marking my main fabric, which you might recall is a cheap gabardine I bought online. With the muslin I had some issues with sleeves so if you know any good tutorials/ instructions on sleeves, please let me know.

I have a photo shoot tomorrow and will be busy editing photos so will not have much time to move along quickly. But I'll definitely let you know once I move on to tailoring.

On my holiday I have also managed to add a sewing project to my list. One of my work trousers has a busted zip and whilst I'm trying to mend it I thought it would be a good idea to do some smart trousers for winter. I scouted for bargains in Portugal and found some 'cheaper than in the UK' wool blend. In fact, and quite oddly in my opinion, in the Algarve if you want to buy wool fabric you'll find lots and cheaper than here but lighter fabrics, such as cottons are more expensive. Weird! I went for a dark green wool blend and had in mind a flared high waisted trouser. Within the same week I spotted this blog post by Butterflies and Hurricanes and loved the trousers so today I have acquired Burda 8488 pattern. I will probably only start this once I finish the Lady Grey coat.

Also whilst in Portugal my mother decided to give me some fabric she had bought more than 20 years, when we lived in Germany. The material is a sort of rayon/ nylon for the top two pieces and the bottom one is a cotton blend. I love the top ones and can't wait to think what to do with them. I have about 2 mtr but the width is quite narrow. Aren't they lovely? She also gave me some satin which I will probably try and do some night gown or undergarments and some big scraps of upholstery fabric which I will try and do a corset with. One day!!


  1. I am loving dark green at the moment, can't wait to see them. The dress you are wearing in the pic on the right of your blog is fab, did you make that yourself? x

  2. Thank you!! I love the dress too and did sew it myself. Has a few mistakes but completely wearable. I blogged about it here:

  3. I love the tiny prints in the fabrics your mother gave you - so pretty. Could get a blouse or a sleeveless dress out of them? Your summer wardrobe for next year!

  4. You really enjoyed your holidays with the family, I can not wait to see what you sew the fabric turquoise, it's beautiful!

  5. Me again - I'm after some advice! Have you found hair canvas for your Lady Grey? MacCulloch & Wallis sell a number of different types, and I'm rather at a loss as to what to buy. I've never used anything like that before.

  6. I'm a bit at a loss with the hair canvas issue as well. I went to John Lewis and found some of different weights and left empty handed. On the other hand I did buy all the supplies for the Lady Grey according to the pattern envelope. I know Gertie is doing it slightly different but after dwelling on how to do it I think I might just follow the pattern envelope and only use normal fusible interfacing. Sorry I can't be of more help.



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