Saturday, 16 October 2010

New fabric and some doubts

Last weekend the awesome Lizzet from The Fabric Loft celebrated her birthday and to make it even more special she offered a 20% discount on everything in the shop. I couldn't say no to it as I had been lusting over a few fabrics for a while. I placed an order and a couple of days later a package arrived with some gorgeousness inside.

I know exactly what I want to do with it but unsure if I can pull it off. I'm going to keep this project a little secret and share when completed, deal? It might be a while as per usual I have lots of projects ticking along.
One of them is the Burda 8488 trousers I blogged about in my last post. I bought some wool blend in Portugal and plan on making some nice and warm winter trousers. I have been wrecking my head, however, in how to care for this fabric. It is composed on 30% wool and 70% polyester. I have read that if it has wool it is better to dry clean as machine wash might not only shrink but alter the fabric appearance. However, and if I'm completely honest, I really don't fancy going to dry cleaners every week and have been trying to research more about caring for wools. I've cut a 10cmx10cm swatch and machine washed it at 30% wool setting and it didn't shrink or got damaged.  So dear readers, maybe you can help me? How should I care for this fabric? Not risk it and dry clean? Or trust the polyester content and do a delicate 30% or even cold wash? I welcome your knowledge on this.

Last but not least the Lady Grey coat. When I made up my mind to join Gertie's sew along, I decided I would do a simplified version of the coat, following the pattern envelope instructions. Gertie decided to do a more tailored version with pad-stitching, back stays, etc but I got to overwhelmed with it. However, after seeing some tutorials on bound buttonholes and hair canvas I got tempted to attempt the more tailored version and started my hunt for hair canvas. That has probably saved me. I got so confused over hair canvas and found little help from staff at John Lewis (technical help, I must add) that I retreated to my original plan. After all, I have only sewn two dresses and a mouse. Am I being weak? Did I fail you all?


  1. That fabric looks so gorgeous - I can't wait to see what you do with it. It's so pretty.

    Regarding your wool trouser fabric, having washed a sample to no ill effect, I would wash the whole thing, as you say, at low temperatures. Also avoid biological powders or liquids, after the trousers are made up too, as they seem to ruin wool.

    As for Lady Grey, I quite see why you want to follow the pattern directions. There is nothing to stop you making another coat using some of Gerties tailoring tricks later, and you'll have the benefit of having been all through the project.

    Happy Sewing!

  2. If you washed a sample of wool and all right, go ahead.
    I recommend you wet the whole cloth and allow to dry before cutting the pants, then you wash the pants by hand without twisting for maintenance. Hand washed garments last a long time. Enjoy sewing.



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