Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Winter Dress Project

For quite some time I had been looking for a long sleeved 50s/60s inspired dress pattern to make up for winter. I found a few but the fact that they are truly vintage patterns scared me a bit. I don't think I'm ready to deal with challenging sewing patterns. I need the pattern to be fairly easy to understand and the dress easy to construct.
On my weekly shopping trip I had a peek at the magazines section and found the new issue of Sew Magazine. To my great pleasure, I saw that their free pattern are vintage inspired dresses and one has a 3/4 sleeve, which will do for my project. Don't be scared readers, I am not using a similar fabric to the one depicted on the envelope.
After looking at some gorgeous dresses made with corduroy, I decided to give that a go. It will be black and planning to accessorise it with brown hues, which actually go quite well with my recent shoe addition.

Have your worked with corduroy? Any thing I should consider when sewing with it?


  1. Good grief I must get this month's issue then! I haven't used corduroy before. It's quite thick so the only thing I can think is to change the machine in your needle so it doesn't break.

  2. That looks fantastic - I like the little collar detail - I'll look out for this magazine myself. I think the finished result should look very chic!



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