Sunday, 31 October 2010

Lady Grey Update

I had great sewing plans for the weekend and it all went exactly (ok, almost exactly) like planned. I worked  only on the Lady Grey Coat and I'm very happy with my progress.
I (finally!) finished slipstiching the hem, including the sleeves. As I'm sure I mentioned in some previous post, hand sewing is not a strong point so it was quite laborious and tiring. In the process I broke three needles, pricked my fingers many, many times and gained a back ache. It is finished nonetheless. Because of the fact my coat fabric does not shrink and the coat is flared I had to slash and overlap the hem, which is not the prettiest thing but does the trick. To disguise this ugliness I'm bringing my lining all the way down and will slipstitch it too (oh the joy!)

                                     Not the cutest hem around but it works!

I also assembled the lining this weekend. I had to order more after the Hem Problem and with some help from my boyfriend went for a burgundy habotai. The photo below is not really representing its true colour, as the light wasn't great when I took it and couldn't be bothered photoshopping it in great detail.
The construction was fairly easy, with more attention needed in curved areas. The tricky bit was sewing the back facing to the back lining. I did it and re-did it a few times and it was driving me a bit crazy. The seam is so curved that even with clipping it's quite difficult. But I did it and below you can see the lining loosely attached to my dummy. It looks better in real life, trust me!

I'm tempted to move on and sew the front facings to the lining, as it was also part of my plan, but might resist and rest for the evening. After all tomorrow is back to 9-5 :(


  1. I think that the more work we give to a garment, more joy and satisfaction apparent when it is finished. This is sure to happen with this coat. Courage!

  2. This is terribly exciting! I think the hem looks fine, and I love how the colour of the lining looks with the shell fabric. I can't wait to see the end result - I'm sure it'll be lovely.

  3. Great job!!.......I'm a mess with my lady grey........... hope to finish it soon........

  4. Thank you ladies :) It is well exciting. I think I'll have it finished by the weekend :)
    Lizzy: Take it slowly and you'll get there.

  5. I'm envious of how far along you are. I've been nervous about the hem as well. I'm excited to see your end product! Maybe mine will be finished before Christmas :)



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