Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sewing struggles

It's been more than a week since I last posted and I can only apologise for that. Believe me it's not for lack of sewing adventures. It's just laziness. I had a busy week at work and lacked energy to spend any length of time at my computer at home. One can be forgiven, I hope.
I've been facing a few sewing struggles but threading along and certainly not giving up. Regarding the Lady Grey Coat, I've assembled the main body, including the collar and sleeves and as per Gertie's recommendation proceeded to hem before doing any linings. I started using the tutorial she presented and that failed miserably. Because I'm using an artificial fibre, the coat won't shrink one inch. That left me with a few folds and pleats in the hem which, I think we all agree, is not very nice. Gertie came to the rescue (after I screamed for help) and recommended slashing the hem and overlapping and that has made it look a bit nicer. I am now in the process of hand slipstitching the hem which is a laborious and tiring task. My hand sewing skills are a bit crap, which doesn't help. The other problem is that I had already cut all the lining pieces but because of this alteration I need the lining to completely encase the coat, not to show any slashes. Placed an order for more lining today, some cheap habotai will do. I have no photos to show you because every time I remember to take them it's already dark.
The other project I'm doing is the Burda 8488 trousers I mentioned here. I finally cut the fabric and assembled the main pieces. I started days and days ago but spent too much time on toiles trying to make alterations which, in the end, didn't suit me or the style of the trousers. I have now a tiny wee bit of a problem which I need to resolve. The inside seam of my left leg is not straight at the side. It's falling/ twisting forwards and so does the whole leg. If you understand what I meant but the confusion sentence above please help me! I think it's the inner/crotch seam that might be a bit twisted.
My last struggle relates to this pattern, more precisely the chemise and drawers. As you can see at the back of the envelope it asks for "double edged flat eyelet", "flat lace edging" and "eyelet beading". I'm pretty sure these are not fasteners, they are trimmings but I cannot find them by those names in any UK online shop and have no idea what to search for. I got some alternative name suggestions but still struggling to understand what exactly I need to buy. Again, if you know anything about this I would very much appreciate your help.

That is all for today. I might be back tomorrow with details of another project to my list (oh boy)!!


  1. You are is comforting to me to know that I am not the only one that doesn't always finish one thing before starting the next!! I can't help with the trouser seam I am afraid.

  2. I'm sorry you're struggling, Suzy, and I can't help I'm afraid. The only thing I did think was that you could use some wide bias tape along the hemline of your coat to cover the untidiness, so you could still use your original lining.

    I don't know about trousers, and I don't know about the Simplicity 'eyelets' either, but it looks like a very interesting pattern.

    Sorry not to be able to help, but I hope you can work things out.

  3. Lady Cherry: I'm terrible to start something before finishing the other but I don't think it's too bad. It gives me a break from specific project. With sewing and with other stuff in live I guess, you need options ;)
    Mrs Exeter: Thank you for your support an advice. I'll get there. ;)

  4. Sorry for just jumping in, but have you found solutions for your double edge eyelet trim, or the flat lace? I can link you to some pictures, if you need...

  5. Aunt Fluffy: I ended up giving up on the project that required this eyelet trim as I couldn't find it anywhere. Would be good to know a bit more for future reference :) Thank you!

  6. This is what I know as beading eyelet:

    And here is a ruffled double eyelet:

    The double eyelet, as I know it, is eyelet on each side of the center. Depending on the application of the eyelet, it could mean that instead of having the eyelet on each side, it is stacked one on top of the other, sort of like this lace:,5074,85.htm

    I have much better luck finding it at a local shop that hasn't an online presence.

    Flat lace is just that, lace that is flat, no ruffle at all...I happen to like venetian laces better, something like this:

    I hope this helps

  7. Ohh, thank you for that. It is really helpful. I think the beading eyelet is what I needed. I think you're right, it might be easier to get these directly at the shop rather than online, which is where I was trying at the time.



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