Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Lady Grey Muslin Progress

I started work on the Lady Grey coat and have completed the muslin with the exception of sleeves and collar. As I'm a novice on tailoring and pretty much on sewing, I decided to follow step by step Gertie's instructions to make sure I learn along the way and pick up useful hints. She started by publishing a tutorial on princess seams which are the kind of seams featured in this coat. I read many horror stories about princess seams so welcomed a comprehensive tutorial. After I finished my first princess seam I felt like a genius as it was quite easy to do. No huge challenges there, I'm afraid.
I finished assembling the main body of the muslin and leaving sleeves and collar for when Gertie's posts something about these, probably in the next couple of days. Never done a collar and sleeves can be a nightmare so definitely will welcome the help.

I'm fairly happy with the fit, but then fitting clothes to me is a new concept and I suspect I still don't recognise a perfect fit from a reasonable fit (if that makes sense?). I've cut a number above my measurements to be able to wear tick jumpers. The back feels pretty good and comfortable but in the front I not 100% sure. The thing I'm sure I want to change is the length. It almost reaches my knees so will definitely shorten it.

I'll leave you with two quick snaps of front and back. Really welcome any thoughts and suggestions! Thank you!


  1. For what it's worth, the fit looks very good to me (but I'm no expert). You've done a really good job on this muslin, and it looks great. I understand princess seams can be tricky (I shall soon have a go myself) but you've done a super job here, and made it look easy. Hope to catch you up soon!

  2. Oh! It looks very good on you.



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