Saturday, 4 December 2010

Corduroy Winter Dress finished

"The hills are alive with the sound of music..."

That's what I thought when I finished this dress and saw myself in the mirror. Actually it was more like "Hello Julie Andrews!" I was also called Dorothy at work! What can I say, I wore it with a blue turtleneck and some cute wedges and a ponytail so the entire outfit was a bit more The Sound of Music.

I do love this dress though and see myself wearing it quite a lot through winter. Being able to wear chunky knitwear underneath definitely helps. If it wasn't for that I doubt I would use it much in cold weather.

And that's exactly the reason I decided to do a sleeveless version. The pattern was taken out of Sew magazine issue 17.
I enjoyed working with corduroy and think I will very soon be adding another corduroy project to my immense To Sew list.
My only issue was lining the armholes. I ended up just pressing and sewing. Not gorgeous inside but it doesn't look bad either.In terms of fitting the only issue is the fact the bodice is a bit to loose, as you can notice on the photo on the right. I usually have that problem with bodices. Definitely need to learn how to fit a bodice but hey, that's one of the reasons I decided to join Gertie's Crepe sewalong!

Photos were done by my gorgeous bf who also did my hair! Am I not a lucky girl ;)


  1. It's a lovely winter dress. Maybe next time you should recreate 'Enchanted', it's partially animated and has a princess who lands in NY after the wicked witch pushed her down a hole...she ended up staying with a stranger and he wasn't best impressed when she fashioned herself a new dress out of his living room curtains! x

  2. Suzy, it's brilliant! Such a useful, versatile dress, and I don't know about the bodice being loose, from these pictures it looks to fit you very well. You'll get 3 seasons of use from this, and it'll go with everything. We done!

  3. Very cute dress and perfect for this time of year and weather. Plus you can literally wear it with any other colour.
    I have a link for you that might be helpful when it comes to lining sleeveless garments. Stitchy witch on green apples did a tutorial a while back. Hope it helps:

  4. Thank you ladies!!
    Bea, thank you for the link. I had sewn my side seams already so not sure I could have done that but it's a great tutorial and is now in my bookmarks.

  5. Love your dress! It's very cute.

  6. What a cute dress! I just discovered your blog via the the Crepe Sew-a-Long Flickr group. I'm new to sewing (and blogging) too. I don't know anyone who sews, so I'm really excited to read about the sewing projects of my fellow neophytes!

  7. Wonderful! The dress looks wonderfully well! Very versatile and I'm sure you garnered many compliments. You look so sweet with it!



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