Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Trousers Sewalong by The Cupcake Goddess

A few weeks ago I discovered the excellent blog by The Cupcake Goddess and also found out it she was hosting a trousers sew along. I initially hesitated, as I'm still a bit traumatised by my last experience but then changed my mind. Maybe this is what I need. A sew along full of tips and advice to help me conquer trousers. And dear friends, I do want to conquer trousers. In risk of repeating myself here but I am a trousers girl really. Love dresses but rarely use them.
I'm not overly keen on the Burda pattern they're using so have picked up one from my existing stash. The Vogue 8604. The illustration is gorgeous but like many illustrations often very different from end result. However on my research I found Miss Dandy sew them and they look gorgeous. I thought of using the Burda 8488 I used in my previous trouser attempt. I really like those sailor slacks and love the way they look on great fellow bloggers like Bea from Butterflies and Hurricanes and Zoe from "So, Zo...". But I'm still a bit weary of them so will leave it for another time. Decided to go with a soft corduroy fabric which I purchased from the awesome The Fabric Loft. 

This sew along is due to start in January so it will overlap slightly with the Crepe one. And talking about it, I better get offline and work on my bodice alterations.


  1. I've been procrastinating about the trouser sewalong but you've tempted me to join in now! Like you I'm also going to use my own pattern, I'm doing Simplicity 3688 which is a 1940's retro pattern. I'm looking forward to it - I've never even dared attempt trousers so hopefully I'll learn a few new skills. x

  2. Ohh yes Jane, join along, it should be fun! Trousers are a bit tricky but I think with someone providing some guidance there has to be an increased change of success :) I look forward to seeing those lovely 40s trousers take shape. Have you decided what fabric to use?

  3. I'm sure you will end up conquering pants, this pattern looks very promising, I'm not in love with the pants, but the models are very stylish 40s and attract me much, I might try some .... you inspired me a lot.

  4. Good luck, Suzy! I would have joined as well, but have too much on my plate right now :-)

  5. I haven't decided on fabric yet, maybe some kind of wool mix? Something a bit drapey and with a bit of weight. And it will have to be navy as I've got so many navy tops to wear with them (if they're wearable!) x

  6. I am looking for Burda 8488. If anyone is willing to part with hers, I'd be very interested.



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