Saturday, 18 December 2010

Crepe Sew Along - Second bodice muslin

I slowly worked my way through the fitting of the bodice this past week. And comparing to my first muslin this one if much improved. Although I'm not yet sure it's good enough. Opinions welcome!

  • I took in 3/4" at the side seams
  • I tucked and removed 1/2" across the front and back of bodice (just above darts)
  • I moved bust dart down (but stupidly did this before I took side seams and ended up with shorter dart)
  • I added width to the upper part of the waist dart to address the extra fabric just under the bust.
  • I took 3/8" from shoulder seams

There still seams to be a bit of extra fabric under the bust and at the side and depending on how my arms are positioned it crinkles up in that area. That might be resolved with adding length to bust dart. For muslin 3 should I also add a bit more width to upper part of waist dart?

I think the bagginess you see here is just because I didn't tuck the inner part well. (at least I hope so). As I took in side seams should I move darts in ? Might be a "duh" question but not sure.

If you have any idea or suggestions I am, as always, happy to hear it!


  1. Hi chick, it looks like it fits alot better than prototype one...but I am no expert here, so far be it from me to offer advice.

    Now now I have noticed you have a few tattoos, any chance of some more detailed pics? :-) xx

  2. It's looking really good Suzy, way better than the first one. The only thing I'd suggest is maybe increasing the bust darts at the sides to make up what was lost when you took in the side seams. Does that make sense? Jane x

  3. It looks to me in the first picture that your waist dart on your right side ends a bit higher than on your left, which doesn't have the extra fullness. Perhaps that is the problem?

  4. I forgot to say, otherwise, it looks perfect!



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