Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bits and Bobs

Some bits and bobs from the last couple of weeks that do not justify one post for each. 

When I started with my Crepe Wrap Dress I decided to do a matching purse to use leftover fabrics and followed instructions for the Evergreen wallet from Issue 25 of Sew Hip Magazine. I have to confess for this one, instructions were a bit odd and I ended up with pieces left out. I quite like it but think I could make something better and I'm currently playing around with pencil and paper drafting a wallet design. I also doubt I will use this wallet when wearing the's a bit zebra overload, don't you think?
You probably read somewhere in the blog or on my twitter that I have some train holidays very soon and have plans to take some knitting to keep me busy. With the fabric leftover from my latest trousers and a fat quarter I got from SewHip magazine I did the below to carry my knitting. It looks like a toiletry bag but it will do its purpose!
Very boringly I also did a drawstring bag for my pegs and a plastic bag holder with some patchwork. Excuse the bad photo on this one.
Lastly two pieces of fabric I found in a local second hand warehouse. Majority of stuff available is furniture and crockery, but under a table I found a box of remnants and the two pieces below. Each are approximately one meter. One pound was all it cost!


  1. Hey there, thanks so much for commenting on my blog. It's lovely to have found yours too! The purses are gorgeous, and great find with the fabric, I have yet to just come across anything like that :( x x

  2. That wallet is NOT zebra overload, it is zebra loveliness. If you don't think you will use it, you could do a blog giveaway? xx

  3. Thank you all! I do like the zebra one quite a lot but already working on a improved design. Maybe I'll do one for a giveaway :)



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