Thursday, 24 February 2011

PS - I made this... after a looong time!

This gorgeous book landed on my door step via the wonderful Lizzet from The Fabric Loft and I was thrilled with it. The wonderful endless possibilities of creating gorgeous accessories from everyday materials inspired me and I immediately chose a few projects I wanted to do. Months passed and nothing happened either because I was too involved in sewing projects or because I was lacking a few supplies. But in all this time I did make something.

The necklace below was inspired by the book's military earrings. I'm not one for earrings but liked the idea so much I decided on a necklace. It took me ages to gather supplies, namely small tassels. It is not a perfect necklace as I got glue everywhere but I quite like it. I really need to work on my attention and skill with little things.
The other project I worked on from this book was a jersey cowl vest which has pretty easy instructions on the book. However I have not found it easy. In fact I have attempted it twice. I first used a jersey fabric, as suggested, but the cowl collar was all wrong. After a few months I decided to try again but with a wool tartan and managed something a bit better. However, and to my greatest disappointment, for me to achieve the look shown below it took my long time fiddling around with the thing and draping it nicely on me. Not the easiest thing for on the go.
I definitely want to try a few more projects, but need to wait until I find the necessary supplies (like old leather pants that fit my legs). 


  1. I really like your jersey cowl vest! A design like that seems very practical for those "transition" times between seasons; I'd wear something like this at least once a week over the next two months.

    Even though it may have taken you longer than expected I'd say it was well worth the effort.

  2. I define a completely ingenious your tartan vest, I think it is a very original garment to determine an outfit!

  3. Thank you ladies!
    Ashley: Between seasons is just so complicated but you're right, this might be good.
    Rosy: Tartan is always great :)

  4. how do you get your hair so gorgeous and red? i went to hairdressers today hoping for bright copper and it's more like auburn. :-(

  5. I also tried to make the jersey cowl and I am glad to know that I am not alone!... although I wished you had felt better with your results.
    You are right, the instructions were very simple and seemed like a straight forward project, but somehow I didn't get the results of what I remember the image in the book looked like.
    Anyway, part of the fun in making things is just to keep trying.
    Glad you enjoy the book :)

  6. Lizzet: Glad to know it wasn't just me :)

    Diary of a Tinyholder: I go hairdresser every month to refresh the colour, as red washes off quickly. I was also lucky with this hairdresser. Some places I've been before don't have vibrant reds.



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