Friday, 4 February 2011

Sewing Books Analysis

 One day of this week I found some time, between work meetings, to do a charity shop crawl at a busy town centre. I was so excited as there are about 5 or 6 of these all in the same street. However I was very disappointed. Even bearing in mind the brilliant words by So, Zo... on her post Saving and Sewing (brilliant stuff, by the way) there was nothing that sparked my interest. As I abandoned all hope I decided to enter the remaining one, dedicated to books only and there I managed to salvage the crawl by purchasing two sewing related books.
As I got home I struggled to find room for them (need more book shelves) and was somehow surprised at the amount of sewing books I have managed to accumulate in 7 months. A lot of times I browse the book, get some general ideas and put it aside as a reference book. That sort of bugs me! I want to be able to read it all, find out exactly it's contents, if instructions are easy, etc, etc. So what's stopping me? Nothing other than myself. 
I decided  I will get all the books I purchased so far and aim to read and use them and do a review in this blog! All in agreement, I would aim for one book review a month to be published on the last Sunday of the month, starting March (too soon to do it February).

By no means am I saying that I'm a professional reviewer or critic and I know there are tons of places to get book reviews but I think this will be a good chance to read a (potentially) more in-depth review by someone with a limited sewing experience. It will also "push me" to read it :) 

How does this sound to you all? It is something you would like to read?


  1. Sounds great - I'm looking forward to reading your reviews :)

  2. This is a great idea! I do the same thing. Buy a sewing book and have every intention of reading it all. Ha! Maybe you reading your sewing books will inspire me to read mine. :-)

  3. Great idea, I am still looking for that ultimate sewing book! Because I teach sewing skills to theatre students it might even help me find a recommended text for them. Looking forward to the first review!



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