Monday, 28 February 2011

Oh I am so stylish...

...or so do two lovely fellow bloggers say, as I have received a Stylish Blogger Award. I am chuffed, thank you very much. The lovely fellow bloggers are Handmade Jane and Roobeedoo. Make sure you click on those links and check the gorgeous things on these great bloggers blogs.

So in proper custom I have to reveal 7 things about me that people might not know. I think the first one is quite fitting a starting point:
  1. I am terrible at keeping secrets that relate to myself. My mum was always telling me off for blurbing personal things to everyone I encounter. Fear not, I am very good at keeping secrets that relate to other people. It's my secrets I can't keep. I struggle if I have to work on a secret personal project and can't tell anyone or for example, I initially decided I wouldn't tell anyone at work I make clothes. Pfff...I already have a potential clientele list at work, so 'impressed' they are with my sewing skills (which I frequently talk about). On this note, you might already know all remaining 6 facts.
  2. My other hobby is photography, namely people photography. Portraits, fashion that type of thing. And I like it with a alternative twist. I don't do it as often because pulling all resources to do a creative photoshoot takes much money and with no return income it's very difficult. I do have a website (which needs updating) if you want to have a look ( And maybe I should write a post on photography tips. What do you think?
  3. I did Sociology in University and after a few admin/ research jobs started working with substance misuse clients (drugs users). That is my whole work experience, 10 years working in addictions and behaviour therapies. 
  4. When I applied to university, Sociology was my last option. All my energy and resources were on History related courses and the original idea was Archeology with a specialisation in Egyptology. It was a big disappointment not to get in those areas. 
  5. My first time on a sewing machine sewing was June 2010, when my lovely BF gave me one for my birthday. When I was a teen, my mum tried to teach me how to sew, knit, mend, crochet, cook, embroid but I didn't want to learn anything of that sort. Which is a shame really but hey, better late then never.
  6. I'm Portuguese but was born in Germany and lived there for part of my childhood. I have many great childhood memories and I'm very fond of Germany and german language because of this. In school I used to say I felt half Portuguese half German.
  7. I have 6 (or is it 7) tattoos all in various sizes but none small. I love them all and want more.
That's it! Now for my nominations, all gorgeous, all stylish and all great bloggers:

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  1. A photography tips blog post would be SO appreciated. I'd love it! Your photos are always lovely.

  2. ooh! how fascinating! I wanted to do Egyptology when I left school (LONG time ago) but my mum and dad wouldn't let me :(

  3. You've only been sewing since June 2010?! WOW - you are a quick learner!



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