Friday, 20 May 2011

Hungarian Fabric Finds

My fabric buys from Hungarian! No crazy prints or florals, I'm afraid. I had practical in mind and not enough space in suitcase so these might look quite boring for you. I tried taking good detailed photos of these but failed miserable. Apologies for that!

First a gorgeous blue gabardine with a orange lining. I will most probably do  Beignet Skirt with these.
From left to right, a shirting aimed at a future bf shirt. He chose the print but when I got home I noticed that the strips run cross grain so not sure how to pull this one off. What would happen if I cut pattern pieced cross grain when I should do grainline?
The middle one is a gorgeous dark teal in a medium weight cotton. I love the colour and will probably do my Ginger with it. On the right a stretch pale yellow lace. When I saw it I though of making a 2 fabric dress with this as bodice but still need to add more thought to it. All these pieces are between 2 and 3 meters, expect the shirting which is 5 meters.
 I love a good old leopard print and couldn't resist these. The one of the left was the first one I bought. 2 meters of a nice, soft jersey I plan on making a top. The one of left is also a jersey-ish (exact contents unknown) which I love and was so cheap I got 5 meters. I have a few ideas for this one!
 Cheap as peanuts as well, was the wool blend on the left. When I did my Lady Grey I struggled to find cheap wool blends and ended up using gabardine. I bought five meters of this for a future winter jacket. On the right 2 meters of some beautiful lace.
That's all I bought! What do you think? Now that I listed them all it doesn't look that much, I have to say.


  1. Fabulous finds! Gabardine is my new favourite fabric!!!

  2. I'm loving the laces! (Especially likin' the grey - I bought some grey lace myself from Walthamstow in Feb LOL!) :)

  3. Yes the grey lace looks cool! I also like the grey leopard.
    The stripe is probably quite evenly woven and cutting on the crossgrain should work OK. If you're not sure, cut a panel and drape it on yourself to check the handle.
    You're going to be busy!

  4. That grey lace is fabulous! I can't wait to see what you make for it. :]

  5. I like the gabardine with the orange lining. I'm just making a Beignet skirt with orange lining!

  6. Looks like a manageable stash to me. I made a sheath dress from similar fabric leopard print to yours, but it was more crepe than jersey.



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